Fatal pollution

Thu, 04/05/2018 - 19:00 -- FM909

You cant get it out your mind

its chasing you down the isle

the flatulant cloud that burst out of a terminating system

oh boy!!

isnt it a big one..


you wrinkle your nose but dont let them see

the old lady pushing her cart

tilts her head and takes a sniff



while she lets out a slight discomfort

you run

your legs start to move faster than you can process 

dont make one mistake 

but you still make one anyways


A single packet of jelly filled plastic

expiration date May 20 2018

a culprit of suicide homicide with no avail 

falling down face first asfrom behind 

you hear a cough


silent but deadly 

your cheek slaps the ground 

as your eye wrinkles in pain 

the end of her cane disapears behind the corner isle 

this wasnt just emberassment but the death of the innocent

the innocent who failed to see their own deadly power.





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