hopeless romantic

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I am tired of listening to everyone around me telling me that I am wrong for still believing, Because they are so used to giving up on love and having everyone close to them suddenly leaving.
I didn't want to admit it, but I cried myself to sleep every night this week because of you, And I know that it is going to continue, no matter what I try and do.
Once before, I thought I was in love, but I soon realized that this was not true, And I was questioning if I ever would feel it for you, but that was until I met you.
Sometimes things don't always work out the way that we had planned, And sometimes these things that are falling apart start to get you, and it gets to the point where you feel like you can't even stand.
There is nothing more confusing about trying to figure out what is going on with love, And that it is not always written out in black and white when push comes to shove.
It always seems as if things come to you when you aren't looking for anything to occur, And when things get hard, it can be very easy to keep longing for the way that they once were.
It took me a long time to realize that not everyone in your life is going to want what is best for you, And that sometimes the people around you are going to want to see you fail because they know they could never do what you do.
For the first time that I can recall, this is theI knew deep down in my heart that the decision that I was making was the right one, Even though everyone was telling me that there was no hope and that I needed to be done.
Vines in between my palms Clouded the thoughts of an unattainable scheme Accompany a seemingly harmless pirouette crashing to the tear soaked floor  
The truth is... I don’t know what love means. Seriously. What is this thing we humans call "love"?
I love you 
Here we go again Same old routine why can't you see I've liked you from the very first day from that very first week And you've got a case of amnesia But I must object
Here we go again  Watching the autumn leaves  Falling down like confentti into place And I know you'll be long gone soon And I'll try to be okay again But I'm not fine yet at all
The nightmares don't end when I turn on the light, My thoughts prevent me from my rest in the night, So harsh and so cruel not a good thing to say, They leave me so nervous to take on the day,
After I made my declaration of infatuation                                 You sent me to damnation A place that eats at you with the isolation
the hopeless romantic came out in me. such a short time it took for me to realize what I wanted. it’s funny, though, because I assumed through your soft words and gentle actions that it came out in you, too.
I am nothing withoutBut everything withAnd if I knew nothing aboutI only wish it were a myth
If your words carved themselves into my skin as you spoke them:
life is like a flower its not created nor destroyed,it grows and grows until it's not care for our loved. love is like a flower that blooms if you wanted it to, if not it will die in the atmosphere in which we call earth.
You fall in love like your shoes are untied. And as you're stumbling over your own love ties You say the most beautiful things. "Your eyes are my favorite color" But your favorite color was red
We romanticise everything until we lose sight of real emotions buried under words and pretty imagery then we wonder why nothing ever lives up to our expectations.
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