Autumn leaves

Here we go again 

Watching the autumn leaves 

Falling down like confentti into place

And I know you'll be long gone soon

And I'll try to be okay again

But I'm not fine yet at all

Cause here we are again in this little old town

We're standing there by the lockers 

Like all those times before you even knew

And you would've never suspected a thing

But darling It was you and I knew it was

So why did I push you away?

Maybe cause I don't deserve you because I'm not good enough

Or maybe because I was scared

Scared that you would actually feel the same

I guess now we'll never know

Because it's to late

But darling time won't pass and I'm paralyzed by it

I'm trying to be my oldself again

But I'm still trying to find it

I guess It didn't work

Because I lost him but I still haven't found myself

And now I'm stuck thinking it was easier

When you looked at me 

Never knowing a thing

Wasn't easier running away from you 

While I bottled up how I felt


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Our world


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