Hopeless Romanticism


United States

I love you 

Four little letters 

The term is simple to view 

But how can I make this better? 

You mean the world to me 

You are my happiness 

I want the world to see 

With all of my sappiness 

My feelings for you are complex 

I wish you could comprehend 

Even if you can't get over your ex 

And you only like me as a friend 

How does one win your heart? 

I'm but a simple romantic 

You're smile is pure art 

It makes me feel frantic 

Not because I'm nervous 

It's because you are perfection 

Our love will preserve us 

While we share our affection 

I'm pouring out all of my emotions 

Trying to get you to see the real me 

You are more beautiful than the oceans 

And I really care for you high-key 

You are my one and only 

Even if the sun stops waking up over the trees 

You will never be lonely 

And I promise I will never leave 

Whenever I'm with you my heart flutters 

But its okay if it doesn't work out 

I'm just clearing the romantic clutter 

I just hope you can understand what this is all about


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