Hopeless Ardor

Vines in between my palms

Clouded the thoughts of an unattainable scheme

Accompany a seemingly harmless pirouette

crashing to the tear soaked floor


Touch like hellfires thorns

This goodwill, is the wellness even good?

My melancholy soul that yearns for paramore

Attachment that I can’t unleash


A hopeless ardor is all it will be

Yellow tulips taste bitter sweet

No honey or roses can swallow me whole

Refutation is no longer a course


Acknowledging the impossible

Forget-me-not do the stings whisper

Amaranthus leaves my endeavor to bleed

While my tongue is dripped in nightshade 


But these hands that grasp fern and foxglove

Willpower is strong but so is the harebells bond

The sweet ecstacy is drowning me 

some hydrangea when you need to breath


Even with each little rip

The bouquets are growing quicker

Each scream and tear is too much to bear

I desire a return with daphne odora 

This hemlock will be the death of me


A hopeless adror is all it comes to

As I sniff the galega and eglantine

In the meantime I’ll serenade myself with rose buds

As I think in pink carnations


This poem is about: 



Here are the meanings of the flowers in the poem up above:


Yellow tulips- hopeless love, bitter sweet

Forget-me-not- true love, forget me not

Amaranthus- (Love lies Bleeding) hopeless, heartless

Nightshade -  bittersweet truth 

Fern - sincerity 

Foxglove - a wish, insincerity

Harebells - submission, greif

Hydrangea - heartless, cold

Daphne odora - desire to please, sweet to the sweet

Hemlock - you will be my death

Galega - reason

Eglantine - poetry, I wound to heal

Rose buds - new love

Pink carnations - I will never forget you


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