I Hate You,I Love You

One minute I hate you and I say that we are through.

The next minute you smile and do that thing that you do.

That makes me losy my mind every single time,

And I am constantly reminded of how bad I want you to be mine. 

I try so hard to convince myself that I hate you, but we all know that it isn't true,

Because no matter what I am doing, all I am thinking about is you.

I feel like the mixed signals may be a sign that it is time to let you go,

But there are still so many things that I want to tell you, so much that I want you to know.

And everyone keeps telling me that I need to tell you where my head is at,

But part of me feels like you already know, and I don't want to even think of that.

That I love you in a way that you will never feel about me,

And that hurts so bad, because it is the only thing that I want you to see.

That I promise you, you will never find another who loves you the way that I do,

And that no matter how hard I try, the only person I think about is you. 

That I love you more than words will ever be able to say,

And I so badly want you to see me in that way. 

Because when I met you, I never thought you would be so important to me,

And that you were the first person who finally allowed my heart to be free.

You were the only one who allowed me to forget about everyone else,

And that is why my heart has been locked up for you, and sitting on a shelf.

I try so hard to forget you, but there is always something there that is reminding me of you,

And every memory that we made, and all of the things that we have been through.

It is clear that what started out as friends developed into something more,

And I still see your face everytime I walk through that door.

And I know that you are someone who will always be in my heart,

Because you are the only person that I can honestly say, I loved you from the start.



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