life choices

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The future is fraught with danger and delight. Of things that will come and of things that only might.  All that is determined by what we do tonight.  By the choices we make, be them wrong or right. 
Open the eyes the person looked into the...void, which it was glowing brightly against the earth. Why the brightest light on earth or was it not? The person looked deeper into it.
I'd like to give a base for my deviance And like the Founding Fathers I'd like to site my grievances I see all these people with their heads in the sand Wondering why they're lost and saying
What is a waste of time? Is it rhyme without time,  Corona without lime? Does it lay in money that flies to pay Or a day when friends distract, run, play? Maybe my Love, just maybe,
Love, I’ve made a mistake. A graven error Fit to the terrors And tremors befitting the quakes.   For me, the buildings are falling
Where will you stand 
I have become decided, That I will walk down this path. You may say what you will, But this is where I shall go.   I will work and strive, To prove that I am real.
Im not a genius Im just creative No better than the other guy Who has been created I climbed my way up through the business world Who would ever know success would come
Once upon a dream She lived Lavishly, Where happiness felt clean To the soul of purity  Invited all in unity They laughed endlessly Enjoying the offering of peace  In eternal divinity
Eyes closed … Breathing deep,
ONE JOB. . . One hope, One ambition. Is what we are made to choose, during our high school days. Before we are 18, and can legally smoke. Before we are 21,
The pressures on, so here we go. Get a career, to make some dough.  A Game designer, I can't get there faster. I already am, a pokemon master.   Mechanics, physics, chemistry math.
There are two path ways Right and wrong which one would you choose? School or skate park, Homework or party. Choices become overwhelming. You can have fun today or a better tomorrow,
There came a time When I considered throwing away all religion and relationship As things started to shift So I subconsciously gave my spirit the weight to sank its own ship
I don't care you're not the same as me You don't care I'm not the same as you Why is that so hard for them to see? They always talk but never do
I look around me All around me there's nothing warm about this time the cold it locks the pain inside and freezes all the tears Ive cried I know which path will help me rise
In my belly lies a body A body that breathes Every breath Inhale Exhale A breath that yearns for life A life that yearns to breathe Wondering What kind of person will I be?
Why waste away your heart and lose your soul? Everyday brings a chance to convey, Renewed meaning of life, Revived displays of beauty, And vibrant essence of bright futures.
I. Think of a Polaroid, with its thick, white border around my snapshot of Kadeem, little boy with shiny onyx skin squatting behind white bars on my uncle’s porch by himself.
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