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Why waste away your heart and lose your soul?
Everyday brings a chance to convey,
Renewed meaning of life,
Revived displays of beauty,
And vibrant essence of bright futures.

Precious, hearts become, when devoted to passions,
When given to risks with breath-taking outcomes,
When dangerous opportunities beckon for riveting actions,
And whatever makes ones heart come to life.

Glorious are objective souls that shape many lives,
Which leads your choices and contrives commonalities thoughts.
Mortality gives no threat to these souls,
For these souls legacies live eternally,
While minds of pupils to these legacies fight for fresh causes.

To tear through your coffins barriers,
To strike out and come to life,
And set lasting legacies by taking risks and pursuing passions,
Generates life for all succeeding generations to live and fight by.


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