Where will you stand 
When the doors close shut and they call your name 
where will you stand 
when childish games become a consequence on the journey that you feet begin to lay on
When people have no sympathy for you as they throw you out on to the struggle called the real world 
Where will you stand 
when you parents raised you then let you go so you can spread your wings out to fly or either fall because you can't be shelter all your life you have to know what it feels like to stand on your own as an adult
how will you hold yourself up  
where will you stand 
When you have to decide on weather you will stand as someone or someone who stands and still hasn't figured out where there life takes them 
Where will you stand 
When you have to learn the hard way 
that depending on people that you though had your back only seem as if  they had their own because everyone is trying to be one step ahead while you try to retraces your steps 
 that people being to pass you up 
when you stand alone 
how will you make something you'll not ready for call your home 
where will you stand 
when all those students in your class have scholarships handed to them as you seat around waiting to the last minute to try and grasp on to a degree thinking you overcame something 
To unwind what you were going to do in life 
A career or a job 
Make I take your order ?
Which road do you plan to walk on 
where will you stand when you reach the end ..
Where will you stand when life test you ..
With all that time you wasted become a regret
that you begin to think 
where would I have stood if only I would have listen ..
you stand in the TIME ZONE ...
that you slip and felled in the reality 
once you get up
where will you stand
This poem is about: 
Our world



As yourself where are you standing in life and is it the place you wanna be standing in ?

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