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She cries loud I cry quiet They hear her screams  But mine are silent
Dancing on the floor Singing cheerful songs The world rotates for each movement that is made Stained in vibrant hue are the lights that illuminate the room
I try to calm down.     This is fine.     I'm fine. "Don't be sad," she says.     I'm not sad.     I'm scared.     Frustrated.      Confused. She doesn't listen.
Dear April-man,   Do you know Why April is the cruelest month? I do. Because it is when you took me In your arms In your bed And I let you. I let you.
You pick the pieces  out of my heart  And throw them away  without a second thought    I drink of romance  Carrying me today for your smile faked as a common  manipulation 
I am afraid Of you? of course not. Of me   I am afraid That I will possess you and not just caress you. Who am I to think   That you are mine And noone elses,
She's been trying That's what they say She won't make it Not today she's a failure It's no surprise  With all these looks of demonize   But no she's a civil fighter
You don't hear about the times I rejected my friends, In fact brothers, for time with my mother And family But you still question my loyalty, question my trust. How can you think all I see is dust?
One fine day in village keep A boy so young and free, Went out into the forest deep  To play amongst the trees.   And when he cried out "wolf!" if sacred The people came to aid,
Love has infinite Definitions I shouldn't have to wait for your Permission to love or Be Loved,   I'll be out of your hair soon, you won't have to care soon,  
I see you through the clear, curved, orange plastic over my eyes You taste like metal opium The spoon still stuck between my teeth Gnaw marks in the handle From when I tried to swallow it whole, swallow it dry
Every word that I hear, Is something mean and unclear.   Every child doing this Hitting with punches and kicks.   What is going on with them? Why do they alway pretend?  
I shouldn't have listened to what everyone was saying. I shouldn't have doubted what I didn't have in writing. I knew deep down that they were wrong,
I admire a lot of people. I admire Ed Sheeran, Gandhi, ... and him. My classmate so poetic his words can be lethal. The way he talks is also so prim. Well-mannered and nice
He told me if I want change I have to be the change.Anything else is insanity.I just wanted four quarters for my dollar. .
I constantly imagine what it will feel like to
They say, it’s black or white,
If a girl hits the floor because she hasn't eaten in three days But she's still fat Does she even make a sound?   We see eating disorders and depression and anxiety Through the fucked up lense of television
What are the boundaries of your mind? Quite similarly of one’s own confine. But why would someone of such intelligence,  Waste their brilliant thought with such arrogance?
There's a girl all alone , cold ,hurt , and judged A teenaged girl all alone , makeup all smudged From crying and crying , she's crying because Noone understands the things that she loves
I sit next to you every night and feel the tension. You still can’t see why I want to be with him, Why I love him so dearly, How I could ever be with anyone like him, And one day, I hope you will.
I am the girl that is permanently stainedThere’s more to sex than giving birth and STDSSometimes if your lucky you’ll still have your prince charming and be a drop dead beauty queen,
I’m just a normal girl Like any other female you see But don’t take me too literal Cause I’m not the type to believe Believe in what you say The type of lies you unfold Because when it comes to love
Remind me why I try- I try to please With mounting ease, Without ever questioning why;   Remind me why I’m here again, Emitting the same cry So shrill and filled with pain
Sympathetic, I am told my eyes are beautiful and cerulean; although, my emotions are not transparent.  They blend and shift across the parallel planes of my persona into realms of other kinds.
I am a misunderstood girl, who want to be loved. I wonder if i'll ever find it. I hear love songs and feel that inevitable sense of lose. I see lovers all around me, but i hide away from them
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