rest in peace

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This flame was gently lit This flame burned just a little bit   This feeling wasn't that of pain and sorrow This feeling was joy to my soul
Y’all will never changeY’all will never changeTalk about the hateBut y’all still causing pain Nd Y’all won’t neva bang Cause Y’all can’t neva rideWhy y’all Watched him dieOn ya Insta live ?
I Spoke To Her & God Today , I Cried To Them Both , I prayed for my family that they would get through this , it wasn't no Joke
Rest in peace: To the person no one recognizes,  Dying a death, a lonely death. Rest in peace:  To the skinny girl in Africa; The starving didn't get to her as fast as the AIDS. Rest in peace:
Dear God, The great all glorious man in the sky It's me, you're originally raised catholic girl who's grandparents installed in her your love I stayed a good girl for a long time, I prayed and I went to church
When I was a small child, My aunt adopted a puppy so small and wild, His golden fur was as soft as can be, And even now that he’s grown he means the world to me,
Four long years you've been gone.We miss you.Every year we have to realize more and more that you're gone. The pain unbearing. My heart still tearing. No more advice. No more caring touch. 
We were all put on this Earth for a reason; Even if it's only for a season. We go through the things we go through to make us who we are today,  But in the end life turns out to be one big play.
Rest in peace No peace in these streets Yeah, sure... this life is a treat Looking down  Screeching sounds  As you walk down the aisle to tell your homeboy goodbye  Rest in peace No heart beat
I often still shed a tear
What's in a day What makes it goWhy does time passI want it to go slowOne more day with youOr an hour or twoJust to sit byAnd talk with youI miss our early breakfasts
Rest in peace… I look up at the sky, and wonder why. Why did the lord have to take you? I’d give anything, just to see you … talk to you for a few Tell you everything I couldn’t, when you were alive
It's always on my mind if I will ever see you again. I remember the day they told me, I thought my world had end. Even though I know you're gone you're always here with me, my gaurdian angel full of joy also always with glee.
I found myself Looking at your pictures today You're smiling Just as you always did In every single one Never would I have even had an inkling of all the sadness hiding Behind closed doors
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