Larell Jamar Kemp

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 00:44 -- AlexisN


Oklahoma City
United States

We were all put on this Earth for a reason;

Even if it's only for a season.

We go through the things we go through to make us who we are today, 

But in the end life turns out to be one big play.

Except there are no rehearsals or lines,

But a show that will eventually end at the right time.

I guess you could look at life like that, 

But one thing is to never look back.

Don't wish life was like a VCR, 

Because you would be stuck on the rewind playing memories of good times.

Or stuck on the forwards even though you don't know what you're going towards...

Or on the pause when you don't know what to do instead of going to God, 

Who will help you through and through.

That's another way to wish of life

Except that adds more pain and strife.

Larell may not be here today,

But you better believe God is making way...

A way to get past the grasp of pain

By never forgetting his name,

Larell Jamar Kemp


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