Rest In Peace

Sun, 07/28/2013 - 11:27 -- jaylflo


Rest in peace…

I look up at the sky, and wonder why.

Why did the lord have to take you?

I’d give anything, just to see you

… talk to you for a few

Tell you everything I couldn’t, when you were alive

In your memory, I strive.

Keeping in my own lane, remembering you, on this drive

I pray to you…  and hope you find me comfort in my sleep

And every night I place my hands in a hail mary,

And tell you that your death cut me deep.

Rest in peace… and find me comfort, as I weep


I wished tears could heal… I’d bring you back a thousand times.

I’d hug you again, damn lord.. why’d you take them from me

I rather them here, than resting above me.

Hugging tombstones, trying to bring you home

Rest in peace, and find me laughter, when im all alone.

If suicide wasn’t a sin, I’d cheat life, just to be with you again

It’s so hard to accept the end, when you remember the start

I hate how fate wrote us both to be apart

I cry in the rain, and smile in the dark

I can’t even accept this, as I place your flowers in the cart

They say life is short, but life is long, when that death is quick

Forever in my memories, as I cry and sit.

Rest in peace… and think of me, in heaven

Forever my good luck charm, like a lucky seven

A four-leaf clover, like the Celtics

You’re really gone, I really felt it..

I’ll never accept the lost, I can’t help it..

Rest in peace…  and remember me, tonight

When my eyes close on this world, we’ll reunite

Rest in peace… rest in peace.


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