If Our Love Could Bring You Back to Life

I found myself
Looking at your pictures today
You're smiling
Just as you always did
In every single one
Never would I have even had an inkling of all the sadness hiding
Behind closed doors
I saw you yesterday
I thought I would be strong
When I walked up to your casket
But as soon as I stepped forward
Tears rolled down my face immediately
It was the first time I really felt like you were gone
My thoughts were blurred
And I was at a loss for words
I felt a pat on my back
And it was time to go
And I cried even more
Knowing that that was my good-bye
The last time I would see you
Never would I see you smile at me again
Never would you share a life lesson with me
Never would you train me to be a better fighter
But I left that room with the knowledge you are
In a better place now
A place free of worries
A place where you can be at peace with yourself
My hope is
That our love surrounds you
And that you knew how much of an impact you made
On the world
And my world
From that moment on
I promised
To never let the same thought cross my mind
And to never let a day go by
Without letting someone know how loved they truly are
If our love could bring you back to life
You could live for a million more years
We love you


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