Rest in peace

I Spoke To Her & God Today , I Cried To Them Both , I prayed for my family that they would get through this , it wasn't no Joke
. I Fell To My Knees & Began To Shake & Cry She Was Really Gone Forever & No longer at my side
. You were my friend , Stood With Me My Whole Life U Lived 1Month Before I Was Born &Then God Brought me Life
As I Was Being Born God Brought U in my life knowing We Were Gonna Gonna Stand Strong Together Everyday For Life.
NEVER Thought He Would Take her from my life & have me crying every night . I close my eyes & think about all the happy times we spent praying god didn't take it all away like he did
. Heavens Gates on my chest is more then just a tattoo its somewhere I wanna be to be with you , in the middle of those gates is you & baby ema holding hands dancing around the gates waiting for me to come in . Everyday without you at my side gets harder and harder everytime , I scream for you u weren't just my family u were someone who understood me , My Partner N Crime , We grew up together u were more then family
. That Fire & I hear u screaming , Wondering if u ever screamed & I didn't hear it . CRYING Because I wasn't there to save you
, id risk my life for you but I was to late this time , I didn't make it to your funeral &
I'm so sorry I couldn't see you laying there so still ,
nothin movin on your body . I couldn't bare to see them put u in the ground
, that's not where u belong everyone knows that now . My Shoulder to lean on My Backbone My Left Hand Remember u weren't just family your were my BESTFRIEND ,
my only friend.. I look up and search for you and all I see is Sky . I cry to god & ask him WHY ? tears fall down my face almost every time because I know your gone & as hard as it is there is got to be a reason why # R I P IMissU

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My family
Our world
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Hi. I'm so sorry for your loss.

I must say that your poem uses so much detail!

It makes me feel your pain. Good luck and keep up the good work!

                                                                - Catie

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