Y’all will never change
Y’all will never change
Talk about the hate
But y’all still causing pain

Nd Y’all won’t neva bang 
Cause Y’all can’t neva ride
Why y’all Watched him die
On ya Insta live ?

Feelin broke inside?
Why don’t you run n hide 
We won’t never slide
No we won’t never slide

Leave u where u at
To wallow in your pitty
Thought you wuz a good look
But really u just shitty

you can shoot a gun
Next time look him in his face
stand there and don’t run

See the pain you’ve caused
The damage is irreversible. 
You don’t get a second chance
A bullet is non returnable 
All these lives we’re losing
It’s like it doesn’t matter who
What makes u think u can do the choosing
You’re just a fucking fool

They will find you
I promise you that
security when ya walk thru
Or you’ll hear the rat a tat tat

A brother’s life was taken
The violence has us shaken 
His talent was unmistaken 
Y’all need to go get an education 
Instead of all this hatin
Y’all need to stop the fakin 
I’m Tired of the hesitation

Y’all shoulda pulled him out
And started CPR
Instead you pressed record 
So you could play it back on the VCR 
Am I the only one who sees it?
There was no rush to help him live
Just to watch him die

What kind of sick fucking world
Watches the last seconds of someone’s life

This poem is about: 
Our world


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