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Oh foreigner, I have lots of fine boys in my area, and good girls in my corner, may i bring you together?   The question is not really one, as her mind is already piecing it, bit by bit.
I started off so timid and shy. Conformity, humility.
Change. My life is change. It is, Language, Feeling like an outsider in a foreign context yet being amazed by the unique utterance. An experience,
She fell in love with the people she returned because of them because she wanted to love them better and she did. Though she also learned to love the moments of the sunset over the lake
I’ve always been an outsider looking inThrough television screens, the internet, everything,Guyana is and always will be my homeBut America is where I need to be
Traveling and language learning are my passions;So I do it as much as possible.From skimping out on homework to study KoreanTo studying abroad in Japan and Seoul in the summer of '16The excitement never ends
The world anticipates the new year to forget what has gone past but in 2016 we had many firsts and certainly many lasts   Now we came into the year expecting a fresh start
   I use to have stuffLots of stuff Stuff that I woreproudlyStuff that I carried around in my pocket stuffStuff that I woundplace in placesamong other stuffto be seenby others who probably had theirown stuff I really lovedmy stuff Now I can not ev
Marhbaan, Kazhar 'Akhbar   Breaking news   A Yemen Funeral Raid launched by Saudi Arabia airplanes kills 140 mourners  
I once read that you can either be courageous or comfortable, but not both at the same time...
Sometimes when I think to myself "Is the Golden Rule just there to be threre?" Because I scrath my head and wonder... Aren't humans a race? Culture is what makes us different.
dangerous. devices. do not dream of chemicals acid shells devastating wires tape wrapped tight fusing this dawning, with your bombs dusking, living,
One identifies with a number of things; race, culture, nationality...they have that one place where they can bathe in familiarity and know they belong -Everyone seems to have this but me...
Open your eyes To the world around you. The beauty taken for granted By some
This tale hails from the land of the rising sun. The place where the eyes of the world see a red circle that symbolizes a dawn of a new day and the white surrounding it personifying peace.
Her lungs seek fervently to find a breath of stuffy air, Her heart looks in desperation for courage to hope, Her mind searches hopelessly to find the end.
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