A Funeral Massacre

Marhbaan, Kazhar 'Akhbar


Breaking news


A Yemen Funeral Raid launched by Saudi Arabia airplanes kills 140 mourners


A war that’s been going on for years now with a death count of 10 thousand already; has no media coverage


Yemen, the poorest country in the middle east is on the brink of starvation, but you didn’t know that did you?


You didn’t know the U.N has let Saudi Arabia's war crimes go unpunished


That a country that relies on buying food from abroad, has a naval blockade around its borders


You didn’t know did you? But  I didn’t know either


I was too busy proclaiming lady liberty was a sister of mine.


Too busy pledging to freedom, lying about the holiness that is democracy,  as if being democratic makes you more worth saving


Too concerned about how american I really am


Too see that they’re are people struggling, not american people, not yemeni people, but people



And the U.N will not take action  


Let them bomb themselves into oblivion


How could a brown country ever be our obligation?


The dead don’t need hospitals, so let them burn


Ten days into october: body count three hundred and seventy nine


We don’t even know their names! Tell me you know how they died


Because I don’t


I just know the numbers but none of their names... don’t they deserve their own stories


Or are we meant to become numb to the violence?


By now 200 thousand refugees have nowhere to go


The U.S  does not take kindly to immigrants, don’t take it too personal


It isn’t about humanity. It’s about politics .


So leave your blood soaked clothes at the door,  leave your native tongue at the border


Leave anything that looks like bloody knees praying to Allah in the evening at home


Wherever that is for you now


Never Mind bodies that look too much like home surrounding you, like brother, like sister,  close your eyes to the rubble


Let mosque loudspeakers sing you holy verses of mourning


Let Your grief be angry


As your people protest in the street, may you demand justice


la eadl lla salam! ( La-hajelious salamon)  379 killed with no investigation!


Body parts of a holy people propelled onto car's, house’s,  and into Nada’s, a high school girl’s window…


You could call it a humanitarian crisis but there’s nothing human about the violence


Nothing fulfilling about a life lost, or a stomach gone hungry


This is the new reality and warm bodies have no place in the cold. Warm bodies have no place in the fire. Cold bodies no longer have place at a funeral.


Forget about a life after, how could a soul ever be safe after this?


Don’t mind the smoke billowing up like clouds


The children that are  playing hide and seek in the rubble

If it makes you more sympathetic you can imagine their skin as red white and blue


Imagine their faces are your childrens


Imagine their cries as your national anthem anything!


Anything, anything at all for you to know that on october tenth 2016 a Yemen funeral raid was launched on a hundred and forty members.


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Our world


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