Child Abuse


This tale hails from the land of the rising sun.

The place where the eyes of the world see a red circle that symbolizes a dawn of a new day and the white surrounding it personifying peace.

About 200 miles from the place where one of mankind’s worst crimes

Dropped from the sky and destroyed thousands of lives in simply an instant….

There in that place lived a boy.

A boy whose innocence rest in the hand of two monsters

Whose consciences has been shot by “the difficult economy”

And “inner family turmoil”.

According to the experts this child

Was punished solely for the problems of a nation.

His form of punishment?

Fishing rod coming down at full force onto tender flesh

Tearing the skin into ribbons allowing blood to escape from his

Tiny form and fall freely on to the kitchen floor.

Any cry that would escape past his lips would be

Met with cigarette being pressed on to his pale skin

Branding him for life as something a less than human

but something that’s a little more than a dog.

His life was so meaningless to these people

That he was locked in to a room

Like a broken doll that no one wished to play with.

His angst cries touched no heart

Because no one was willing to listen.

His whimpers inspired no tears for no

Remorse lived in the hearts of those

Around him.

Then finally the boy fell silent.



This story hails from the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The place where Plymouth rock tends to land on people. The very land

In which freedom rings.

In this land in which

Laws are suppose to suppress evil

Lived to two children who could say otherwise.

Their dad was a drunk and their a mother

Was whore.

They constantly paid for her sins of infidelity

As their father wrath rained down upon them

In the form of drunken fist and glass bottles.

He said they had her shifty eyes.

So every imaginary crime was

Meant was swift punishment

That marred the skin but more importantly

Stabbed the soul.

They couldn’t tell anyone.

The adults around them called them liars

And they knew the horror

Of attempting to escape their fate.

But they continue to try

Because they knew deep in their

Hearts this was not the only thing that life had to offer.

So again they tried

Because happily ever after

Was just one nice person

Away from coming true.

And when they were

Taken away from

Satan’s clutch and

Found themselves

Within an angels embrace

They knew that the

Silence that eats at your heart

And chains your soul

Can broken.

It can be shattered with

One cry for help

And one swift kick of courage.





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