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Collecting Stones The chills to my bones.Mixed messages and firm tones.A heart that aches and moans.Overlooking blessings and the factthat I am a backbone. The lessons that are unknown.Throwing away a diamondlusting after stones.When am I gone you
Two men died over a woman who was as beautiful as a jewel.They both loved her and they both died when they had a duel.This horrible incident occurred in the year 1802.Two lives were lost when both men were through.
holding hands, touching lips, keeping no secrets or so She thought   there was another that kept His heart warm another one that could
Our affair was not intense.Well, I made it intense for me, because I'm fucked up, but it was far far from some grand all-consuming passion.There was no romantic love.
Long live obsessed with kept secretsI’ll find them in men of all kindsDaisies wash awayOne by one I call out the ones who Double dealed, fake, and flaked.I’m just looking for absolution
love only touches the heart one true time your heart was only truly mine.   the heart beats at a steady pace for your heart it was a running race.   my hand in your hand you
And just like the serpent tempted Adam and Eve with the forbidden apple, the burning desire for you to be mine led me into your coils of damnation.
I am an arsenal  pulling on my gun The bullet flies across the room All the men need to run.   My lips are steel as they take heart and turn Heads of luxury and fury, I speak every word.
Whispers drift with the salty breeze. Oh, my dear. His tender hand brushes a lock of hair behind her ear. Just, for me, bear it a little longer. Let’s enjoy the fireworks at eight.
Speechless, words do not flow about how I feel Lost like ashes in the wind nothing I see appeals  Heart ripped, battered and sore with the sledgehammer I trusted you once, twice, but not again with your disruptive manners
Evermore a passing thought I can lie about love I can lie about lust But when you lie  I turn to dust  
You used me never cared when I tried to make things work You always found a reason to make me hurt You nit picked at everything I did to get a rise out of me
                  I was                                                            You were             enamored by you. I let                                  enamored by me. You
He notices an odd pair of boots by the door. Not his; his wife wouldn't be caught dead in 'em. He relaxes when the inside tag reads   "Women's: Size 8". They disappear from house (and mind) within the day.
The flow of our bodies begins to harmonize A chorus of grunts and moans crescendos   Urged forth by her begging eyes Our symphony climaxes behind fogged windows  
It has been a long tiresome day . But for some reason, I don’t want to go home . Oh, I know why I don’t want to go home yet. I need to put a few in me first.
It has been one of those days, Where I don't care if she goes or stays. Deadlines passed me by, And bosses expressed their dissapointment. It was generally a day, Of emotional excrement.  
At the end of a long day, the beautiful girl swings by her ‘friend’s’ place.
It's true when they say you never know what you got til it's gone, I never knew what entered my life, I didn't realize until the day I thought about you actually being my wife,
  Sadistic seductress  of sultry lasciviousness,  the cruelty of your fingers  wrapped around others  like choke holds before  the profligate emperor,   a noose too eager to knot, 
Sand surrounding me Upon waves that seem so calm With a sky so blue as clouds ride the wind  “Ah, is this paradise, or is this reality?” A pinch in the arm, a confirmer, I can continue life
“Sniffle-sniffle” Went little James On a rainy Friday eve One part sick Two parts sad With nothing to relieve   He teared up With eyes red And all day did pain and pine
I wish I knew who I am I've just always been his wife His rock & friend So who would I be without him in my life? I miss him so much but its not what you think
Death from lying Always crying My souls escaping to the sky There is no love among this dark Falling from grace and torn apart Consumed by you I lost myself Lived for your love and happiness
While the iron's still hot and the stove is still lit, while the birds still sing and the neighbors still fit,
The path of life I walk is paved
I taught you all the things I knewDevoted my time to theeSo you could join in playing the grandly newRomantic symphonyAn autumn evening we walk aloneEach tree ridden of all its leaves
Do you have ANY idea what you have done to me? Can’t you see?   Because of YOU My childhood consisted of empty promises, nothing but air bubbles.  Should have saved yourself the trouble.
What a punishment it must have been  to have lost your faithful's trust again.  No time to atone and no love to hone.  Turns out you have to relearn how to live alone. Emotions become a circus
Love is a mirage, In reality a desert dry and granulated An old film, lost in the catacombs of cinema.   Marriage is an idea.
My soul it screams; my skin it sings. Don't you know what this means? My mind cries out; my spirit shouts. Don't you see what you've done to me? Scream against the world;
There she is, thy majestic siren whose allowing gaze drags the sea man forth. To thee does he fall in unparallel emotion, the heart that reeks of putrefied lust. A beautiful creature but no less powerful than the devil himself.
(poems go here) she said I love you to him and kissed the cheek of another she gave her soul to him but promised her body to the other
You, have taken everything from me, you, have chosen to cross the line, you, think that I don’t anything about you, but you’re wrong.
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