Sand surrounding me

Upon waves that seem so calm

With a sky so blue as clouds ride the wind

 “Ah, is this paradise, or is this reality?”

A pinch in the arm, a confirmer, I can continue life

How did I end up alone on a place so large, yet so small?

The Golden State no longer seems golden compared to where I am

The white sand almost like treasure,

The smell of the salty breeze passes by,

And I’m already captivated by its natural, untainted beauty



The most important thing for a human body

I fear not for my lonesome, for I believe that my friends will look for me,

And I am surrounded by God’s creatures to keep me company,

Prey and predators alike

And if I die, I pray I will live in my friends’ memories


Into the green middle I go,

In search for the essentials a human body needs to be sustained


The sun goes down, the moon rises,

The moon sets, and the light is brought back once more

This cycle continues over and over,

Like the spinning top of the movie with the man who has yet to win the Oscars

When will help come?


No longer do I question humanity

I long for a fresh kill to be between my teeth,

To hunt for anything that moves,

To stray from something that may kill me

To keep my skin from peeling so much under the direct heat



I will not bare my fangs to the creatures that could be taken care of in another fellow human’s cage

My eyes will not dilate when I see a target

I will not ignore the plead of the dying animal

I will not fall into the shamed madness that my country looks down upon

I will not…

I will…


I am…

A fellow animal

A survivor

A forgotten memory


… Memory

The thing that was supposed to keep me sane

The thing that I hoped I could live on in others’

What are these wet things falling from my eyes?

Why do they blur my vision?



I had nearly forgotten what these were

What else have I forgotten?

The friends I thought I had?

I wonder if they remember me

Question, comments, thoughts, they all pass by

Like the bugs that swarm together from one area

And then fade away as they leave to go look for another place to feed

Have I become like the insects’ food?

Chewed away by new memories,

Replaced with better, new meals,

The new friends that easily took me out of my friends’ minds?



The human side of me

What have I become?



I think I see a ship coming at me

Has the black mist finally called in the attention of saviors?


Are my friends my saviors?


I do not remember what has happened

But next thing I know,

I am on a bed with Get Well cards and balloons

With things stuck onto my body

Connecting me to a machine indicating life

My life, or its own?

I pick up a card to attempt to read its content

A smile seemed to come onto my darkened face

Once more, a wet stream fell

A tear

“Welcome back! I missed you!”


My memories truly have pulled me through

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