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  Nights are where my mind uses my saved stress to play out a story of rumination. It does this for me when I find the peace that can’t obtain the goods that I assumed were lies.
my guardian angel is skin and bones thin and weary but so clearly i can see us dancing in the stove light twirling you around
I used to dream in the world in my head, let my imagination take flight as the buildings went by.   I could dream up wild elephants from Africa, or starships from space 
I sail the seas that stretch foreverA memory I will remember… I finish my thought and drift away;I am whisked off to another day. 
I’d lie if I said I think about you all the time, But when I do think of you it’s spontaneous. Touching my neck and imagining you kissing it,
The thought of you makes me smile, Listening to a song or seeing a couple holding hands and wondering why you can’t be with me. I want your touch in the most innocent way;
Maybe it was just this year I suddenly became old. Old hit me with crying over Facebook videos in the middle of the night.
I was at the beach,And I thought of you
Feeling that cool, soft breeze against my skin feels, feels amazing...
  One could spend an eternity of Light and Waves To fathom what’s just beyond the charcoal borders Drowning everything in the passage of its escape.
Sight is just a window from the room we're bound to.  If you find a way out, would you let me know how too?
I catch myself analyzing every little detail around me
From the darkness the sky unfolds welcoming the new light of day. Mellow colors flood the sky and drag sleepy fingers across the earth. The sun rises from the deep abyss of the night
BIllowing curtains Earths joyful tear drops leaking from clouds Then settling on window panes Tea in hand Rocking slowly in my chair Melodic notes drift throught the air Dreaming of far away lands
there aimlessly floating above cranium slowly envel( o p i n g mind to airy delirium grasped and clenched then stole presence. so no longer occupy space around: the reality you deny
The Morning Sun creep-ed through the curtains that covered the large window That one, little twinkle shot me in the eye. Blink once: blurred. Blink twice: blind, on the account that I didn't have my glasses on.
I wonder what it feels like to drown in the sky Dancing above the rooftops Watching time fly by Inhaling all the clouds If I had a breath to breathe it’d rip it from my lungs As I sank closer to the stars
Hours go by so slow yet weeks string past One minute you're at the cafe sipping tea The next you're on a boat fixing the mast But not everyday is an adventure out at sea
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