Shells Lay Along the Floor, and Even Now I Can't Wait for More


United States
35° 53' 36.1572" N, 89° 54' 23.8716" W

I was at the beach,
And I thought of you
As the waves reflected,
The skies of blue
The shells were scattered,
All over the sand
And i felt myself burn,
Instead of having a glowing tan

My eyes fell closed,
As children ran and played
I thought of how lovely it'd be,
When you finally stayed
How our children would run in,
Holding my hand and yours 
And they'd run in laughing,
Along the seashore

We'd build a castle from sand grains,
Adorned with twigs and leaves
While the sun would shine,
Against my car keys
They'd whine when it'd fall,
From the sea water
And you'd console as I picked up,
Our new born daughter

Hair was covered,
Soaked all wet
And I heard your voice say,
'Its better if we'd have left'
I scooped up our towels,
Umbrellas and all
And our son would watch,
As his sister crawled
He laughed as we packed,
Our car to the brim
Until he asked us,
"When will we be back to swim?"

And I held your hand,
As you fell asleep
Calmly telling him,
"Maybe another week"
I started the car,
Starting to drive
And I felt a breath of relief,
Instead of a sigh

So when I opened my eyes,
I was seventeen again
And we were nothing more,
Than just well aquatinted friends
But my smile remained,
Knowing it'll be one day
And how lovely the water is
Out here in the bay

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