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You did not come this far, just to come this far keep pushing and never give up.  
a girl looks over her shoulder she see the darkness fade hope is present
7:30, i hit the button.By 8, i'm out the house. Running late but still get coffee.Nothing's stopping me now.On the the way to class, i saw my friend.It looked like she had cried.
Life isn't about finding yourself Life is about creating yourself It gets hard Living in a world that's wrapped up in a system that we didn't create
Your eyes are like the shining moon on my windowsill at night... I miss you Your hair is like the waves I see from day to day, dancing along the shore... I miss you
A hard world we live in today It's almost like the ultimate video game But unlike a game there is no resetting No pausing And definitely No extra lives But these harsh realities are often ignored
I had a dream about you, and it was me talking to me. Except, we couldn’t agree. I said to myself “But was it worth the pain“, my retort was simple “How did it feel in your brain?”
Do you know how many people you left or how many people cried I wish you could have counted the tears that came from everybody's eyes I stopped counting the nights that I was jolted wide awake
She walks alone Invisible as a ghost No one notices No one cares Would they care, If they saw her scars? If they knew her story Or her heart?
4 - 3 - 2...... I couldn't bring myself to it I didn't have the guts. all that time pondering ---- deciding to end all the pain, And I couldn't do it. that last second, that last moment saved me.
If innocence were bottled up in human form, she would be the epistle within Her chestnut hair glistens underneath the morning sun Her dark eyes possess a thousand, mystifying riddles
Suicide, the thing everyone says is bad. I don’t see why when it is a help to some in which I can add Sometimes I think it would be the answer Instead of leaving it to something as unsure as cancer
There comes a point In everyone’s lives To turn the page And step into the light To let their future Take its course Let it run free No fear nor force
There comes a point In everyone’s lives To turn the page And step into the light To let their future Take its course Let it run free No fear nor force
“I’m worried bout you,” she said. I responded with silence. Who is she to want to help? Is it that obvious that I’m dying? I wish she would go Away. She doesn’t need to care.
A soul separation, that's the best way to describe. Never in a hundred years would I ever expect you to try. I couldn't see my self to be closer to anyone. No one knew everything that I told you, no one.
lost he was out in the sea with mighty jaws beneath his feet a shelling of rain like bullets silencing his plea struck deaf and blind by this torrential sheet
I feel sad and alone I feel numb and tired and cold I’m not someone people love or want around I want to go get lost in sleep and never be found Don’t pretend that you need me here
What do you do When your heart says yes But your mind says no When your logic says leave But your love won’t let you go When you love them more than you could ever explain
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