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Nobody really ever listens until you're at your lowest. Until you start ignoring other people. And then all of a sudden you're the bad guy. All of a sudden, every little inconvenience is your fault,
Blamed for the bottle I'll never forget. Blamed for the abuse Hovering over me, reeking of the stench Pouring out drunk love At any moment it felt like this could be it. All I could do was sit and listen.
I taste your anger,  I feel your sorrow. You occupy your own mental space with words of injustice on others. When little do you know the world around you is just a reflection of you.
I’m going to tell you a story Of a teenage girl, Who,  Like many others her age, Follows the same routine Every single day. School.
Head under water Held in place, trapped I'm losing my breath Held in place, trapped Still, you keep me there Held in place, trapped It is all my fault Held in place, trapped
How could i have been assaulted again? I must have asked for it I was leading him on anyway
a hammer wrecking my being. voices shouting, blaming. rightfully do. shooting words like bullets. worthless insensitive apathetic. 'its all your fault'.
Dear world, What’s going on man? I’m no batman But i can clearly unravel the mystery present   You’re not currently very pleasant  
A child who does not believe is not brave. Many feel decieved by the violence and the hate.  Every child has the right to life  Right to live and to be protected  Instead we are teaching them how negotiate
I look back at pictures of our childhood, sweet grass in the curls of your chocolate hair, bright silver eyes that pierce the soul, pale skin, sunburnt by the constant sun of summertime,  
We all get offeneded This is due to wounds that were never fully mended There is no such place on Earth where something cannot hurt us So why do we continue to fuss My heart longs for those who are hurt
"Yes your majesty You claim  But it turned to trajedy  Not fame The core left me Am i to blame? what's it bring me? Nothing but shame But when i called out Nobody came
"My mind is full of fire The terror can get no higher I need to run away Anything to escape This world so full of pain And memories of the shame As though it didn't leave a stain
I don’t want to die Not for the pain, but for the loss I don’t want my absence to leave a gap in the cosmic fabric I don’t want my family to leave flowers at a marble cross   I don’t want to die
I Remember when you used to be happy When I could still hold you in my arms Whenever you'd get scared you would come find me To care the monsters away.
  One thing that was said is that I was wrong Not understanding why this came about Haven’t heard something like this in so long Saying all these things they wanted all out
How could he? This man who promised her everything, said he loved her, made a vow. This man who was protected by her, shielded from horrors that he couldn’t handle on his own.
I Didn't Love Me   I didn't love me
They tell me that cigarettes will kill me well That is if all else fails Smoke blackens the lungs
Every name you called me, every hurtful word Cut me so deeply that it really hurt But then I remembered something I know is true That when you point a finger at me, four point back to you  
You took them over us       Guys, Men all for lust
We were hurt onceand then they told usthat the pain thatsettled over our shouldersweighted like the worldwas our cross,was our albatrossto wear, to bear.
There are demons pressing in on me. There are demons pressing out on me. It's as if when my eyes hit the mirror they hit the bullseye for my body to grow. the  bullseye is really a trigger.
I looked at you and I knew that it would never be the same I fell into your eyes, and thought I really knew But it was not something I can explain. A spark, a piece, and suddenly everything felt right
You may not...Tease him in the hall, thenTrip and watch him fallKick him when he's down andJump him while he's on his ownBut then again...
    It was me Who, no matter what Was loving you I will admit Sometimes I did not show up I turned away In fear and cowardice But It was me Who wanted you to be happy
I blamed myself I really did It had to be my fault It couldn't be his But I did nothing wrong As a matter of fact That's important to remember I must tell myself that
We was arguing again, My parents and I, They locked me in my room, He left a bruise on my thigh, She blacked my eye, It was over the dog, They said to blame it on a cousin,
I know you blame me. I can sense it in your tone, and It's hurting me. Am I really to blame? I know you feel like I crushed all your dreams, and I'm sorry you feel that way. But if you really love me,
What is in my way? In the way of my dream? Incorrect phrasing. Who is in my way? Is it the society that surrounds me? No. Is it my dad who wants me to be a money-maker? No.
I'm bad for you in every possible way
I fell in love with America For it was my own home Too bad this same America Treated me poorly until I was alone They all said I was beautiful For I was strong and bright But then those same people
A lot of teachers lie to their students They say they want the best for them Some of them care more than others Teachers should teach above the standards Teaching just enough to get by
Teachers can be great, however, they can also be foul, some kids can start to feel like bait.   Teachers can smile or they can scowl, but they are there to "help" us. They can whisper or they can howl.
The teacher blames it on the kid, The kid blames it on the home, The home is composed of the parents, And the parents blame it on the system, The system blames it on society,
Once I was hit in my back so hard I didn’t understand how the death I am destined to meet escaped me.
Let’s play a game, we’ll start with you Tell you what I feel, not of use Arrogant, lazy, always crude Tug another knot, tie the noose   Cowardly ways, I’ll take the blame
He never hit me. But sometimes it felt like it. When you see someone punch a bed because of something you said or smash a windshield because of a fight you feel like you are to blame.  
It gets darker as everyday comes to an end, The flesh is so weak, some cannot help but sin. Day in and day out, we try to get it right, but with all the recent tragedies, is it really worth the fight?
Can you hear the screams and my dreams that are dieing slowly? My parents keep saying they did their best, that I can have the best, but that I can never rest. With sweat slipping through each follicle. Where are my brothers and sisters?
You won't take the time. So you don't know. She has a good heart. But through her exterior that doesn't show. All you can see is the poverty that her family has been cursed with.
The songs we heard under the wooden porch Are still carried in my ears – ringing something awful. Sighing anger is dead when we’re away and the Great, wet blue is hanging above – judging
Can’t you see, I’m trying to be optimistic. Everything you did, I try my hardest to forget it. Don’t wanna hurt you By acting like I’m so resented. But we’ve done it before,
People love to tell you that “You are the captain of your own soul!” What they neglect to tell you Is that they are at the helm And should you hit an iceberg It is you who must go down with the ship.
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