Shame and its Defeat


There are demons pressing in on me.

There are demons pressing out on me.

It's as if when my eyes hit the mirror

they hit the bullseye for my body to grow.

the  bullseye is really a trigger.

I pull the trigger for the demons to take off running.

They were resting inside of me; but now they make me bigger.

They press out but I will not let them break through

I will not let them show.

No one knows

I'm under attack.


The irony is in the ignorance.

They don't know I'm under attack,

because I'm hiding the scares inside me

but they are hiding the scars inside them

We will not let them break through.

We put on an armor to protect our image

and our secret.

This armor prepares us for battle.


Unfortunately, this battle is fought between you and I

in protection of our secrets

but they should be destroyed.


The lie that draws as enemies is only that.

It does not have a body. We do.

We have a body.

Let it be free of adjectives, because the lie has no body.

We do.




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