Blamed for the bottle

Blamed for the bottle
I'll never forget.
Blamed for the abuse
Hovering over me, reeking of the stench
Pouring out drunk love
At any moment it felt like this could be it.
All I could do was sit and listen.
Listening to your drunken rage
Your cries
I demanded it to end.
I wanted to die.
Took away my youth
Robbed of my dreams
Please spare me of this misery.
I was just 15.
Blamed for your anger
You wanted it this way.
Put fear in my eyes
Screaming out for help
Not a soul arose
Deserted and all alone
The day I could leave behind all remorse,
shame, and blame.
Waiting by the clock
Knowing you would be drunk again
A good day for me
was another day I was
ashamed, mortified, and humiliated.
Abused by your abuse
Slapped in the face
Stepmom would watch.
Dad downed the scotch.
Became a runaway
Skipped school every day
Ridiculed in front of friends
When will the belittling end
Had to pretend
Distance myself instead
Led me down the wrong path
It was my fault, right?
Thanks, dad

This poem is about: 
My family


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