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      The last breathe The last death The last phone call The last fall The last tear The last swear
I began to write this poem Telling myself it would be the last The last one I wrote to you The last one I wrote because of you Your final one But I lied I realize now
The time has come To end the suffering Of those I love Becoming weaker each day My body corroding away Confided to this bed My life is ending The only reason I am alive
               "Final thoughts"  With the my hours reaching their lastI prepare to end this life with a blastNot a blast in which refers toA joyous afternoon in the park with my familyMore in reference towardsTaking a 9mm straight to my cranium an
The day they said the world was to end and so the day the world waited for with fears   but no signs of it all and the day's work went as usual and on schedule and some as late as usual  
He on the seventeenth Of the fifth month Heard a noise He sneaked He saw. An illusion it would Have been thought she He hid as if he ignored She walked passing through  
When I was a child
I'm coming out, that is my destiny To rise above what I call home, To rise above what Society calls poverty I am a young woman, destined for the symphony of success I control my fate, and yet...
A turning of the world on its head Division in time, seperates me from What I am, and what I'm supposed to be
it is his moment i realise the true instabilliey of my inner subconcious. withdrawn from simple communication unable t contact anyone iscolated from the world washes of the thick coat of destractions
Mikki and Church It might’ve been her Or the life I lived, But the results were all the same. When I moved to this city It wasn’t just another move, It was the start to a dream
I lost it the simplistic nature of poetry the words no longer pour from my lips No longer do my message speaks on the shadows of the soul   Writers block they call it Though I call it the end
It’s almost time, we’re nearly done Senior year, the final one Last year to cherish the friends we make It’s time for risks we want to take   Life is quickly passing by
We've been so close, Yet never close enough. Memories linger on, But to forget is tough. We say goodbye, As in 'see you later', But this time I know There will be nothing greater.
When it senses my essence feel the cold presence Shiver from the sent chills down my spine it slowly invades my mind Silently scream within this dream life fades away it seems Wish I wasn't here
I’m honest with you, My loyalty is gold. I stand up for you, I was yours to have and hold. But now, it’s different, Now, I’m hurting ten-fold. The day I committed, The real you showed.
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