I'm coming out, that is my destiny
To rise above what I call home,
To rise above what Society calls poverty
I am a young woman, destined for the symphony of success
I control my fate, and yet...
Yet the wind blows in the direction I do not direct it
Yet the rain falls when I do not have an umbrella
But I am intelligence.
I am the making of my own beginning.
From the start to the finish line I strive to win the race I am running against myself.
Why am I running against myself?
Competing against myself?
Leaving myself in the past because I was uninspired.
I am running to myself, the me that is inspired.
I am going to kiss my forehead when I reach the start line
I am going to tell myself that everything will be alright
Running backwards, I travel
Running backwards to myself whom was uninspired
Running into my body when my spirit has fled to go higher
I began to make myself inspired
My inspiration is the start line of my heart in the pit of a fire
And I am inspired
Overcoming my circumstances, I am inspired
Destiny tells me to be inspired
Fate tells me to be an inspiration
Inspiration not desperation.
Even though the wind blows in the direction of Hell
Even though the Rain doesn't wash away my struggles
Myself is the strength that will get me through
And the race, the sweet pavement that guides my spirit, will always be myself as my inspiration.

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