Mikki and Church


Mikki and Church

It might’ve been her

Or the life I lived,

But the results were all the same.

When I moved to this city

It wasn’t just another move,

It was the start to a dream

That never quite left the mind.

It stayed stagnant

Like dead crops

On a breezeless summer day.

Only to never see rain

Or feel the farmers plow,

Their master had forsaken them.

Just like them I lost hope.


Nothing was going to change

No seeds of renewal

Or hope would be planted.

So I clung to what made me happy

Mikki and Church.

Love and life

Young and naïve

Lost in love

I would have done anything for her.

So I got closer to God

To get closer to her

And my life changed.

I felt loved

I was a new crop

Later then, born again

As a follower of only one.

Only one who can empty my soul

Only one who can fill me up.

He came into my life

Or rather that,

I discovered his life

Or better yet,

I discovered his death.

I discovered my sin

Or the lack thereof

Because only he

has taken it from me.

Every sin I commit

Is forgiven and washed clean

Because he has died for me

And I have asked for forgiveness.

I am a new life

Living for one and only one.

And to say I’ve found the way

Is a lie that no one can forget.

I’m lost

Just like every other sinner out there

The only difference between them and I

Is that I know my escape plan.

I know my final home

is waiting for me in the heavens

unreachable by man alone.


Follow the only one that died for your sins

And live life in love through Jesus Christ.

Your life will change…

Stay close to God no matter what happens.



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