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Mwen pral sonnen tout klòch yo Pou anivèsè nesans ou Mwen pral sòti nan pòch mwen Bèl bijou ki soti nan Bèl Ans pou ou.  
I will ring all the bells For your anniversary I will take out of my pockets Fancy and pretty exotic jewelries.  
Nothang can we wish you order than saying. Long Live Femi Otedola Abundance health to gladden your heart. May thee boat always floating unstoppably.
If I could Come back in time To that moment To your arms   I'm locked now in this timeline watching you in loop Maybe you've even forgotten But I keep this alive
If again we ever come across I shall then to you explain The streets I had to cross To keep you far away   It's hard to come closer Sometimes try to hide But closer driven
The time is ticking It's what they say I'm lost into some limbo Whatching you all the day From this tragedy-like dream Until my sanity fades away   I still dream about your look
It's been a week we met Since that, life's mare How long shall it last? You're so unique You're the one  with whom my life I may share   I want to hold
I wonder about your feelings You didn't try to hide You were shinning, dazzling Then I repelled you,  Choosing a different side   Even in between the lasers And all those party lights
I yearned for another, Who wasn’t you, But she wasn’t there, Unlike you, At a long lost party In old Cambridge town.   Did I fall Just a little for you, While longing for another,
This world today is a tangled mess of opinions and hate and opinions and wait. Stepping outside is like stepping into a court room except both sides of the room are calling me guilty.
came to the house early my first house party first of the twelfth month stayed long after it was done   after the first handshake, the thought of me was a flake unwanted unneeded
It's been a long time since I've written anything, but I have the biggest crush so... there's that.       I'm sending you a Party invitation I hope you'll respond
It’s supposed to be a fun night Dancing with friends Hitting on strangers Having a little too much to drink
A pizza poem Half past midnight and I'm writing a pizza poem And a "funny one" at that This Isn't where I saw my night heading   An Ode to pizza My greasy friend
Passion, music, worldly delight; Ecstatic, they celebrate all night. For at dawn, there are sacrifices; Pleasures to be spurned as vices. Humanity has this wonderful disposition.
"you still kick it in the slums      ? you still sell drugs   ? you still like to party       ? you still binge n get fucked up      ?"  
To the You from that night: I hope that you know.   Did you consider the torment, that trickled broken onto the sheets? Or that my silence was
Let’s go! I’m ready Sleep is for the weak It’s going to be lit Eh, it’s alright  It could be better  It smells weird in here Why is it so hot Stop pushing me  Get off of me
Daggers of sound Stab the night Like lovers found Cheating. But tonight we live For it. Live like living will Fix the problems, Even tho it won't. We dance with the strobes
Smoke. Smoke is everywhere, and the multicolored lasers fire off to the beat of the music. The crowd pulses and moves to the bass slamming through them, and there were no drugs needed at this party to feel blissfully happy.
She is twenty years old; that means she has been living on this earth for twenty years. However, do not mistake living with feeling alive. Because it has been about five... six, seven, eight, nine.
I miss when nights used to drip from the sky. When parties moved in slow motion and we drank with angst and expectation. Everything is so steady now–I’m restless.
so it happens again in the dark when the hands are Touching, Grabbing, Choosing, me 
There's a party, Everybody is lit, Drinking and Smoking, Posting pics with their new outfits.   Party in a mansion, Tables turning with red cups,  My team need a coupple hook-ups,
I traded my sorrows for a pretty face And a bottle I traded my sorrows for him And a cigarette to my lips My sorrows were replaced
I wasn’t going to go out That Friday night. I know I usually do, But I was tired, And I didn’t feel well.  
All my friends are drinking their money They think it's funny Losing their money All my friends are playing with marbles don't think it's harmful losing their marbles All my friends think life is a party
Dropping cocktail names because they sound so sweet Auntie's house last night too easy, score some at the meet
  If we got caught we’d be so dead. Everyone thinks we’re asleep in bed. Our music is so loud, We are the bad crowd.
In the moment, all I wanted was you I was drunk on your smell, your taste, your empty words Your touch was gentler than I thought it would be Your intensity sent shivers down my spine, which
(This is about someone else, I'm a girl) I'm a guy Who partied until I almost died. But, A higher power kept me alive. At 13 I sold drugs, After highschool I got caught
 Never been shown, what to do or to say,shown what is known, when I write and I play.My choices are my own, and my own they will stay,restricted to me, when I wake or I lay.
Life is precious.   Don't watse time with others who will waste your time.   It's not worth it.   Just saying.   Keep oon moving, don't stop grooving,  
Sunlight streaming down Cold air thick like ice
It feels as if my night was centered around boys I.                    The Heartbreaker
Raise our bottles to the purple nightWe'll bend these floorboards          weighed down with our voices.Shout the doors wide openfling the windows up                              erupt into the
Driving these six wheels, Strumming this six string. Sitting on a back road, Sipping that cold drink. - If you do it right, We're gonna have a good time. So crank up the music,
Huff and puff the good stuff Inhale the good  Peace 
Life's a party,  One you can never leave. So live it up, break it down, and never regret anything you do. Because in the end, it makes you who you are.
"Saturday Night Live" a spokenword piece by Brandon P.   Let me tell you how I lived my Saturday Night Life. It’s kind of funny, you see, because I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada—the Notorious Sin City
Darkness surrounds me. Imprisoning. Pulling. Strangling. My conscience just barely there. The images still around me. Floating.
We drank to fade awayuntil it worked.When the morning light painted the bodiesthat we were still trapped in,we fell asleep;too exhausted to carethat we still existed. 
stumbling, slurring on the wet grass kissing him hitting him fire snaps, crackles   6 am cock crow sandwiched between  blue velveteen  and James Dean Get an advil, please
hey daddy, it's me, you're little girl... I need to tell you something that will make you want to curl. I went to that party, it was right down the block, but I didn't bother telling you, I was distraught.
As a teenager, time and time again, I am asked the question, "want a drink?" My response to the request always catches the others by surprise. Do I want a drink? To me, this question is so much more.
Get Em Get Em Get Em Party Party Party Cups stacked along the corners of a torn house Aligned like a house of cards, fragile Reeking of booze, alcohol Oops spilled some on the floor
Some Day in November Some Party Some Saturday Some Absurdly Late/Early Hour HOW DID THAT ONE SONG GO THE ONE SUNG BY MATT DOYLE “I’M SO SICK OF PARTIES. I’M SO SICK OF BEING DRUNK.”
I'd show him what he asked for If he called me beautiful, I'd take another shot If I could prove that I'm fun, I'd agree we were "just messing around" If I could feel his love On a night like tonight,
I live my life by a code To never get drunk nor high, But people think me queer or rude. My code exiles me from the cliques, Never invited to outings or parties, Never asked to stand in the student body.
On the dance floor I skip-step and I twirl; The music slurs and blares in my near-deaf ears; As the beat slows, a boy leaves with his girl, in the dark, a seer watches her fears.
She gets to the party around nine, or ten A familiar high school scene, getting high and drunk again Inevitably one of her friends' parents are out of town again
There’s a pigment in the air so dirty I can’t see You were the only one I knew at this party Why won’t you talk to me? Just talk to me
Brilliance was burned away We drank away our thoughts Gambled which would stay and which would go, We didn't know.
Silly girl You were once so Driven by your past Your daddy would get high And your mother would cry You wanted out of that life Then you forgot where you came from And partied like the ones before
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