It's been a long time since I've written anything, but I have the biggest crush so... there's that.




I'm sending you a

Party invitation

I hope you'll respond

With a "yes" or

Maybe a "maybe"

That'd be cool,


Cause all I wanna do

Is throw a party for you,

If only you'd attend.

Will you bring the confetti?

I've got the food

I'd like for you

To feel a part of this party

Cause being apart from you hurts.

I've done up the party favors

In blue, red, and black

Though they feel a little garish to me-

What do you think?

We don't have to invite anyone else

I'm cool with just a few

More-than-friends gathered around

Let's just sit and chill

While we wait for the cake to bake.

Sure, it's a little quiet

But I'm still figuring out you

And you're still learning me

But it's the best kind of school

I could've signed up for.

And here are the party hats,

An optional garnish

I'm cool with either way

Either one

Long as I can hold your hands

When the music's on or off

I'm cool with riding along

Long as I can stay warm between you

Share the responsibility

Of being in love.


Let's have a party,

Invite all our friends

Or just us

Either way,

You bring the confetti and

I'll bring the food

We'll do whatever

Waiting for this cake to bake

So we can eat it, too.

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