The Former Crackhead

(This is about someone else, I'm a girl)

I'm a guy

Who partied until I almost died.


A higher power kept me alive.

At 13 I sold drugs,

After highschool I got caught

I thought probation would be cool, it's not.

An hour after I left the court room,

Crack and I found each other again

After that I was left for 4 years in prison,

God knew what it would take

For me to break.

Thankfully, I dropped to my knees.

Prison was different for me

It was like 4 years of intense bible study

Something so sweet,

I was walking around

With bible in hand

Singing Jesus Loves Me

Happy as a clam

I got out prison

Searched for job.


I found nothing at all.

I lived in a tent


with my bible.

One day a man gave me a pamphlet.

and I knew,

I needed to find a church.

I found a job.

Yay for me


A church is what I truly need

I went to the first church

Unwelcome as can be,

It was as if I wasn't seen.


The second one was so nice

It was the place that I found my wife

3 children later

I now live in a house,

Have a stable job

And opened my eyes.

Now I think,

If my mistakes help others


They were mistakes

Not wasted


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