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remember when you are feeling lost, and you feel like there is nowhere left to turn,  when you whisper,  and your echo rings back to you, you will feel my love for you.  feel my skin, feel my touch, 
Searching for the bridge back home.  I wondered too deep into the forest, I lost myself along the way. I put a marker at every milestone to retrace my steeps, but someone has removed them.
Trickling through my sweet veins bursts a desire to fly through the ocean of petals, whose broken cellulose is splashed vibrantly
Epitome of Altruism   “Live and breathe kindness Selflessness is a guidance It is a lifestyle Helping you fight through every trial”
They tell us that growing up is supposed to be the best time of our lives.  We figure out who we are, what we stand for, what matters to us.  But with this growth, comes painful lessons and tears and anger and hurt. 
I'm thankful for the sun, the blessing received from its warmth.  I'm thankful for the stars, for guiding me through the night. I'm thankful for the love, that spreads from near and far.
Voice to behold, is a voice to be heard To have such will, but not to apply now Would be a fate, which holds no chance to learn As to be present now, while mind say ciao
i feared you being a small fragile creature with doe eyes ready to tuck my tail and hide and you knew it   you let me know how off i-
It's cold          I'm frustrated Thinking of quitting Yet, he's my stronghold    Take a deep breath Examine the scene Hold it all in It's not life or death  
My eyes were opened by the lessons she revealed My tongue was moved by her instructions We were in a dance at every class It never stopped Until one day she spun me one last time
Great are the flames that keep the darkness at bay Undeserving of its warmth, but still taking advantage Ignorant to the pain that doesn’t come my way
I watch the birds fly above me, Feeling left out and alone.  So when you choose to fly around me,  I suddenly feel I belong.   You float by gently capturing my attention, Beautiful as my favorite song,
Poems are confusing  Their purposes disguised Seemingly blunt yet concealing  A plausibly traumatic demise Whomever shall find these creatures appealing
  Books put together a powerful message                                     You can find words that make you sound impressive
Running from, yet to Car, door Searching the holder and finding it empty.
Jesus, please guide my way Show me how to live Godly day by day Please show me how to love my friends and family And for all my wrongs, please forgive me You're my Friend, so I’m glad to hold Your Hand
I am the small branch that breaks off From the broken tree I am the leaves that gets blown away By the waves in the sea Looking for strength and guidance, I seek- The help of others;
You are the Moon I am the Northern Star   They need you close to pull their tides to change their course and light their nights.   They need me far not to light their way
“Can you hear me?” I choke out through jagged breaths  I watch the world I’d once known crumble into ashes as an odious ringing invades my ears all around me is burning but I stood there frozen  “Yes, we hear you” 
Living in a world full of poverty Living in a world trying to find my destiny. Living in this world, I’m ready for the fight Fight, yes the fight? But do I have all the strength?
Mom lights a candle A diya, a lamp I have to choose Red or blue   Voices of reason Larger, louder
What we do, what we say, how we think, be aware, and repeat. Take the fruit from the low hanging tree, easy to take, easy to see, thank you to the low hanging tree, and repeat.
Dear brother of mine, Don't look down. All in given time.   Some days you'll be fine, Others you'll feel bound, Dear brother of mine.   Like His blood turns into wine,
this is a poem to my                      Sister                           Alexa who isn't afraid to say what's Real          who has been my Shepherd through the worst times
His body was a battlefield With an unconquerable soul Made of fire that burned With the same embers that fueled The flames in his eyes. His mind were the attackers Whose wicked deceptions
She doesn’t fit the mold everyone has created for her Yet she stuff herself into it everyday No matter how hard she try to fit tough She’s always cramped
With love I survive and grow and thrive For all pursuits need guidance, And my soul was made a contrivance- Meant to collect the love and compact it Into the diamond known as life  
The Lesson 
Striving to find myself It is difficult There are many forks And not enough guidance I want to choose but my mind grows blank Decisions decide your life May it be bad or good you decide
You must help me to become my best   I'm scared to fly away out from the west   It's nothing. nevermind. I'm here with you    
I don't know how to love...but I'd sure like to learn how. The word never came up as a child, at the dinner table, during holidays, etc.
Whether deep seas or mountain peaks
He's the one that wakes me up
We all search for that lighthouse When we're hopeless, in need of direction, it's not there. When you close your eyes and imagine, you can see the light. You find it.
I stand behind a wall of pain Gazing out into a world of blame, that You're so quick to spue from a fernace of flames, that Your mouth claims. I stand  
In an indefinable world Only able to transcribe Sensations and experiences Through words, sentences and phrases A translation, misread Lead to schematics Of life dynamics
Tick My dream makes my heart beat My ambition feeds my soul The journey which I seek Will take me through many tolls   I have to work hard to pay my dues
At the end of each day, my parents kissed me goodnight and put me to bed.
You say you are there
I hear voices Go see the school psychologist I am not eating anything Go see the nurse I am cutting myself Go see a guidance counselor I am pregnant Go see Planned Parenthood
Falling down, falling down And then those words saved me. When I was at home and all alone I looked for an escape So I'd hide and wait, I'd hide and wait And then your voice saved me.
Dear God, give me guidance Please just take this walk with me For I've lost sight of you, and the Devil is all I see. Lord, I'd rather be blind Than witness nothing other than lies.
I’ve stood by my superiors like a soldier, Standing up and sitting down at their command. I’ve happily served them, even as I grew older, As the hourglass sadly filled up with sand.  
there is an epidemic of thought thata master's degreedefines how much youcare and what i amas a being
When I look at you I see freedom I see a future and a path which could lead me to a happiness I've only ever dreamt about. The girl who bites her tongue who hates her skin and her mind,
Sweet like soda pop, Bubbly like champagne, You make everyone around you laugh and smile. The misty sky That makes rainbows appear, A kaleidoscope Beautiful like gems in the sun,
Are you real? Are you honestly here for me? Always by my side? Forever my shepherd guide?   My mom tells me to pray,
It's alright, you can stop the snapping. You can leave the little hole-in-a-wall cafe. You can take off your hipster hats and turn off that single spotlight. I'm not here for that. 
The sweet, gentle flow of words, The roaring message or meaning, The imagination and motivation, The pure release of writing.
Friends walk into our lives, and walk out as easily. It makes me question their strives, Isn't that terribly?
Maturity is not a set mixture of knowledge, Nor is it a set etiquette determined by society. It is the acceptance of others and self. Maturity is knowing wisdom comes not by age, but experience.
“There is no honor amongst thieves even less with trailer-park debutantes”
The south wind blows and I will miss you Who will you miss, though? Have you anybody to know, grow, set seeds and sow? We fall, fall, fall to the blue, into the blue And then...
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