What Poetry is For

The sweet, gentle flow of words,
The roaring message or meaning,
The imagination and motivation,
The pure release of writing.

I’ve always told myself
That I don’t like poetry
That I have no skill whatsoever
But I always find myself trying.

I’m a writer by heart,
A psychologist by mind,
And what most people don’t realize
Is that each poem is one of a kind.

It takes a special kind of writer
To write a truly good poem.
It’s not through skill or grammar or words
But through feeling, meaning, motivation.

A well written poem
Has a message hidden in it
That’s the only reason I enjoy writing
To keep others lives lit.

You see, I have a calling
To reach out to people in time of need.
I may not be good with words,
But I know how to plant a seed.

Poetry really does heal;
It cools the soul and displays emotion.
It inspires and stirs you
Lifts you through the commotion.

That is why I write poetry.
This is why I try to inspire:
To show people that there is someone who cares,
And to be with them through every hour.

Poetry is good for the soul
And I hope you got something out of this,
For I really do try my best
To, with words, show the friendship of Jesus.


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