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It’s all about the presentation. The way you present your poetry can make or break the poem. A poem written by a below-average 4 year old can sound beautiful coming out of your mouth.
CONSUMMATED SIMPLICITY             ~ by Debi Lyn 09/01/22, 12:58 - 1:20 am  
sometimes i don’t really know if there’s anyone there downcast, empty, broken i wait for someone someone who may or may not come for me alone i wait
i would brighten the sun to keep you warm, but you just put on a jacket.   i would wipe your tears to make sure you can see, but you use your sleeve.   i would search for you in a crowded room,
i pull off my heavy-weight sweatshirt i weigh myself ranking up to nearly 100 pounds im satisfied for now
I had a key, To my heart, It was only for me, To play my part.   I gave away the key, To a boy,
I am my own Alice seeking  a non-existent wonderland,   I am a butterfly fluttering about in a flowerless field,   I am a pen deprived of the badly needed ink,  
I'm wide awake. Night fell long ago; morning rose to take its place. I hide my face from the light.   The peace of sleep never graced my pillow.   Instead the tumultuous waves
i'm sick i'm scared i'm rotting inside i'm crying for help but i'm mute i don't have the answers that we both need.
A tick tock noise from the clock in my room Knocks my head on and on Till it wakes me up in the middle of the night, So I found myself looking right at the ceiling My body starts sweating
How do u explain to someone you cant hangout . "anxiety bad today" wont come out the mouth Laying in bed , not wanting to get off the couch
I try to focus,  but im just too hopeless 8 planets in the universe, I'm on the coldest    The things that complete us, seem to leave us broken i got distracted from success
As I enter this day,  what most do I crave? Unlimited, love-genuine intimacy with someone who never leaves   Embraced daily close to a heart that's 
its the fear that eats away at me this feeling between my legs it isnt arousal its fear its the sound that eats away at me this feeling in my chest it isnt love its fear
A cold touchHigh windsWarm waterWet hairHot sand
I am late nights, Working at my studies until I get everything just right.   I am a small town grocery clerk, calling my customers by name, welcoming those that are new.  
 I go out drinking and seeking, The nght  life is what I am thinking, All those sleeping have me wishing I was dreaming.    My heart beat is racing and my pulse is pacing,
I'm perfect like the story of Hercules. Represented by Courage and Glory, Masculinity and Strength, Pleasure and virtue. Chosen by light, and offered one of  two lives.   I'm perfect
  As I stand inside this room I can feel the darkness loom Deep inside my broken heart My guilty soul tears me apart.   And I cannot describe the pain It does not sting or lightly maim
U sually my face holds a smile and my smiel tells happy stories. N evertheless, my heart holds a sadder story. V ersions of my thoughts are told to friends and family,
sometimes I wonder exactly where I'm going or what I'm doing or even will I be here tomorrow there's no promise and that scares me so bad and that one time I fell in front of all of my friends and they laughed and why am I so stupid they were ter
It’s supposed to be amazing Everyone telling you how proud they are and how much they love you How glad they are that you made it through that hell called high school But all you’re doing is waiting
Twas the night before my operation whilst eating my meal,in a moment it hit me and it seemed all too real,my Plate, it sat empty, hard, white and cold,while my kin heaped theirs high with colors so bold.
Home Love, Hate; A cry of joy, a tear of pain; Overwhelming happiness, suicidal sadness. A house, a home; A daddy leaves, a mother mourns; children comfused but accepting.
My mind is depraved. A sarcastic fringehead, erasing my thoughts faster than they can swim. Breathing in water, my lungs fill with salted froth. I bite my tongue and an acrid brine pervades the void.
From day one I've had goals Goals thought to be immposible  even by myself Some I have acheived Others i've yet to even percieve   Along with these aspirations I've come along a great deal of stress
Responsibility is just more stress. Carefree lives replaced with obligations, As life passes we all look for success.
College is coming up like the stuff that bubbles up From volcanoes in places I've never been to Will I like it? Will it be good? I'm kind of scared.
Feels like a burden Changes of this kind are good Then comes the goodbyes
Is it normal to dread the final day of my high school existence? Is it normal to be intimidated not excited by my approaching college enrollment? For twelve years I have focused completely on my goal of a college education.
The student prepares for college Searching for a school with a perfect fit The journey has already started leaving his parents, the boy becomes a man Click, click goes the mouse on the computer
Transitions are hard from many schools I am barred. Money always is a struggle but at least I stay out of trouble. I wish I had my first pick then financing wouldn't make me sick.
My last year, I made it or so I thought Statistics say college is the only way But what if I can’t afford it Scholarships? I probably won’t get any I mean I’m smart, but there’s always someone smarter
Going to college is what's important to meDon't worry about anyone elseI'm not worried about anybody elsebecause I only care about meI don't want to be nothing that I know I don't want to be
First day, not so bad Went to class and went home to tell mom and dad Weeks went by and things stayed the same I was starting to feel so empty I missed high school and my friends
(poems go here) The will of the world seems to tug and pull. The heart and the family plea and beg for you to go to college but no one knows the effort you need to put it together.
I've been at this for more than ten months, Vying and trying for my chance, At a little cash to help pay my way, So my parents can stop this dance.
Head about to burst, Stomach knotted like a bow, Applications mailed.
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