I am Me

I am late nights,

Working at my studies until I get everything just right.


I am a small town grocery clerk,

calling my customers by name,

welcoming those that are new.


I am picking outfits for my sisters,

giggling, gossiping, and venting all the while.


I am crying in embarrassment,

the supper I tried to cook for my boyfriend ruined,

when I tried so hard to make it perfect.


I am surroued by stacks of books I have picked out,

bewildered as to which I should choose to read first.


I am ecstatic,

knowing I will be with the love of my life in a few short hours,

bouncing in my desk with the excitement.


I am a spitting image,

looking exactly like my mother,

and miming her slightest actions


I am a lot of things.


I am joyful

I am excitable

I am anxious at times,

I am filled with love

I crave being helpul to others.


I am a lot of things


But most importantly,

I am Me

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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