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Seeing the beauty of life is only attainable by freeing yourself of negative energy:   Golden gates of bridges divine cross your thoughts and opinions, Full of dominions telling you to dominate your own fears,
They say “life is like a box of chocolates” I couldn't agree more Of course, it all depends on the eyes of the beholder Some like dark chocolate, sea chocolate, white chocolate…
She brings comfort Hard patches made soft by her fur  But when you find yourself near her She hops further  Away. Always. 
Have you ever wondered what happens to you when you die? Where do we go? Do we begin to fly? Some say the world glows, some say you lose all your clothes
I am an environmentalistI am an activistI am a realist I am an elitist And I AM an Atheist But I am NOT a damn cynic!!  I believe that with our own hands we are destroying the organisms that roam this planetWith NO acknowledgement of the fact thes
Pessimists see  the horrors of Earth. The darkness that comes  from the moon's birth. They need to see the beauty of life, through all the troubles, struggles and strife. 
It's like sitting in your room late at night-- a comfortable, accepting, gentle place but there's no one there but you. Only you sitting alone in the dark. It's not frightening, there aren't any nightmares; 
“loved ones, your feelings determine mine” this is what my voice proclaims but does my heart truly sympathize?   i encourage you to confide in me but is just it to reciprocate my ego?
  My Blanket of pessimism matches with my glass that’s half empty. I wrap myself within its patterns seeking  warmth. Suffering and pain are simultaneous.
Numbers. It’s what we all seem to be. Numbers. 
Is this really it? Nothing more, nothing less?  I have to ask, Is this really it? The rest of our lives with the flick of a switch? Offices, highways, business card masks,
Waves flash lightning 
Fly away, Butterly Spread your wings
There was once a time I came out of my shell- Fully disposed to the endless joy and optimism The world had to offer.   But like a falling star, I fell- I fell to the ground of the Earth, then to the
I stand in the middle of the storm, Thunder roaring, rain pouring. What’s this burden that we’re forced to play? The game in which we will lose at anyway.   I stand in the middle of the storm,
Life is a shadowShifting, shaping, twistingInto braided ropesThat wrap around the throat andTugBending over window ledgesCurling into gnarled talons that Grasp at your heart to
There are only some who matter In this endless generation we have here Ideas trashed, intelligence scattered I look ahead, little hope, mostly fear   Roger Daltrey, you're who I agree with
On the ground were my feet, my head in the clouds As I dreamt of a place that can never be found:   “A place with no pain, a place with no sorrow, A place where there’s always a brighter tomorrow.
I suddenly realized (at five years old) Death applies to me too   That children become grown-ups who become grandmas who were the ones who died   And I was a children.  
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