Still light house part II

Waves flash lightning 

A harbor stricken to posses such power over the bay
The lighthouse still as it is 
Flickers on a gloomy yet forsaken pass
For a moment to bestow such wither
Shattered beneath my skin
Such heat and yet frozen Blood running wildly on my vivid soul
I'm lost in the mist to blindly wait patiently. 
Moist moist moist 
The ocean roars as once more o hear her Again 
Distanced I watched once more to that sound 
A light to bathe my soul of fire 
It runs instantly by my breathe and power 
Yet moaning to hear Her once more
Should I turn off the light 
Alas nothing more but a memory of our youth once more to sail away my dimension of joy 
A hollow wishful sound to distanced me to her
And yet she seems to be alive some where out there 
Shall I swim on this forgotten tale
lost beyond infinite waters
And fail to seek the lighthouse that cannot grab a hold of me 
But the distanced memory that lands above the surface 
The sound of demons thrashing the cold sun and the burning mist
Pulling me...
Yes I must go beyond and now I stand still 
I behold that creation where emptiness rots away from empathy 
My body stricken where stars witness the drown 
Never returning to breath poison of the air 
Maybe shes sailing or walking amongst all 
And to forget I ever stood in the lighthouse 
It stands there 
Alone where it buries nothing more but an infatuated darkness 


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