Have you ever wondered what happens to you when you die?

Where do we go? Do we begin to fly?

Some say the world glows, some say you lose all your clothes

But the truth is, the dead are the only ones that know.

I asked my friend, and the words started to flow,

“There’s this thing I heard, long ago.”

“Once you pass, your brain still goes onward”

“For the next seven seconds, you will continue to wander.”

“Those seconds feel like another life, mentioned in a legend, and all I say, might as well be questioned”

“It may be called an afterlife and may as well be destined,”

“And is better than the sudden onset of depression after a scientist’s’ elongated discretion when you’ve had a long life full of aggression.”

“The process is long-repeated and it seems the concept of death is cheated”

“But the theory is, you yourself are never deleted.”

A neat idea, and it’s sad our lives go by as fast as a cheetah, lives soar like an eagle

Makes our lives seem so feeble, but, what about a beatle and what about weasel?

Do you ever think about their losses, do you ever think about their fallen?

Do sharks ever think twice when pursuing a dolphin?

Do swans think twice about coming out of the closet?

Does the cocoa plant even like being chocolate?

I get so flustered and my words start to stutter and begin to lose their structure but that’s just our culture

We take and abuse the lives of the weaker,

We use them and become the Grim Reaper

We call them the wild beasts then go and use them as our feasts

We cuddle and adore the ones that are visually satisfying

And ignore and become bored with the ones that look sort of “terrifying”

We focus on our own pain and all that we have to gain and attain

It seems all the decisions we ever make end up being the ones that end in others’ heartbreak

When did we become the most important organism?

When did our most shown quality become egotism?

When did ham, turkey, bologna, and beef become euphemisms?

When did our best-selling theme become eroticism?

It seems our way of life has been demeaned by what you see on screen

Sculpted by society’s impropriety, by unscholarly individual’s notoriety

By the likes and dislikes of the majority, by our sad, ignorant conformity.

But the most of us conveniently forget that they have minds of their own

They see these beings with brains, with nervous systems groan and moan

And cry and scream and kick and fight for their life

And get the evidence and cut them gently with knives

We sink our teeth into it and enjoy every last bite and say they had a good fight

That we were “meant” to eat meat, oh, you must agree

We have canines, those are some definite signs

Regardless what science says, right?

Science says that if your jaw goes left to right, that we were meant to take flight

We weren’t meant to eat meat, I think it’s neat

That the hippopotamus has the biggest canines on earth yet does not consume animal flesh

That’s what i meant, when I said chicken was a euphemism

It’s another word for animal muscle, fat, tissue, cartilage, it’s absurd

What we let into our bodies, veins, dried up blood, am I talking too much

You be the judge, is what you’re doing right?

Does the thought of a crying, hollering dog give you a fright?

Does it make you want to fight when you witness the abuse of a domestic animal?

Pigs out-perform 3 year old human children on cognition tests,

Chickens and goats can learn to do puzzles and play games,

Cows and sheep can remember your face,

They’re not just naked, space just wasted, dumb unappealing faces

They’re beings, whether or not they look and talk like you.

We’re the barbarians.

Like Paul McCartney once said, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we’d all be vegetarians.”

It’s a battle that’s been going on for millenia, it’s the world’s largest and longest genocide,

With 56 billion deaths a year, not including sea life that is measured in tonnes

Let’s take their spear, lift them up to the omniscient sky and say bye as we break their reign in half, look to each other and just laugh, there will be no more graphs

No more “maybe” and “somedays”, we can end this today.



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Our world


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