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sometimes you get stuck in my mind like a great song played on repeat your name crosses my tongue waiting to be spoken   and the song of you is a beautiful ballad one that gets me up off my feet
We cut their tongues,Not that they will not speak,We are not deaf either,Not that we have the heart to heed.  
She wonders why she feels this way; Living in the shadows of her pain. Why do they ignore her daily? Is this a sign her efforts are failing? Surely someone has answers for her;
Those voices I hear in the hallways, Somehow always used to torment me. Cruel words escaped their lips. Poison vowels and sounds, Yet I was taught they were good. I was born this way...
When you look at me, what do you see? I'm a girl who's full of Humanity. I'm someone who fights for what's right, And does no harm so I can sleep at night.   Do you see who I am? Do you really see,
"I pity the deaf girl" they say: Her mind is off in a land far away. She can, she can't, she might, she might not; In a big ole trap she is caught. They doubt her, they decieve her;
Oh say can you see, A country for all to be free. To stand together,bond as one. To leave no one alone as one. To be different is to be seen as interesting And not as someone disgusting.
Disconnect  Between your culture and mine  I stay silent, except when you laugh I laugh too, but it’s as hollow as the hole inside my chest A hole that came with my deafness   You speak,  
Dear Hearing,    It’s been almost ten years since I’ve heard from you.  The discovery of your abrupt disappearance etched into my memory.  I know now, that it was only a matter of time before you left. 
The sobbing mother cringes as her baby cries. She wishes they had warned her just how loud a deaf child’s screams could be.
Hard of Hearing, I am Hard Working, I am Harder on friends, But I, have no friends Only associates, because I am A Hard Person. Appreciative to this, Cruel World that we reproduce in.
For four years, I didn’t hear the world around me For four years, I lived in comfortable silence For four years, I communicated using only the two good hands God gave me For four years, I was deaf  
Like anger The alcohol courses through my blood Whispering sweet nothings to a deaf ear Promising better tomorrow's And more beautiful tragedies. There is no rhyme or reason To the fury in our souls
I live in a world full of deaf people With nonsense parents always unaware While their child cries up in their steeple They neither hear nor do they even care   A time of life, a time of truth
STOP! NO! LEAVE ME ALONE! I scream to you I beg you from my knees I make so much noise I cry and plead I plead to the gods the lords the people the demons the angels and you  And you all ignored me 
My hands, they move As if manipulating air. My hands, more than move Show the Deaf I care. My hands, they touch A community, a nation My hands, a bridge Across a sea of isolation.
People ask me why I'm bitter. I say add sugar, sweetie. People wonder how I stand it. I tell them optimistically. People say why bother with living like that. I scream "It's my decision!", 
Can you hear the sound of the world calling your name? Can you hear your heart talking to your brain to make sure you are awake? Can you hear your name being called repeatedly by those around you? Cause I can't
Noise is overwhelming, Distracting, Crowding.   My ability to hear is a gift, Yet it can also be a burden. Noise.
The world is full of colors  The world is full of beauty  But the world is deaf The birds don't sing
I see you. I hear your words. I feel your tears as they fall, forbidden from your eyes.   Oh how your sadness consumes you. Outside lies the false imagery of peace.
  Where violence went wrong So I’m sitting in my room all alone
POW. One is dead. POW. Now two.
I’m sorry, the doctor says. Your child have failed the audiology test.
You say you Listen Yet your ears are Closed Words come out my mouth But we sit in Silence Why cant you Hear me? I can't stop Screaming No sound comes out You lift your hands
Silence Quiet Deaf Watch a man … His mouth move Unaware White clean coat Touching my head … Cold steel Tubes, wires…sleep … Awake, cold
My child’s name is not Disability He is perfect in my eyes Able to do anything Limits beyond the skies  
Not being able to hear.     Not being able to see.          This does not mean you are usless and weak.                      You are still normal to me.                      And I wish to teach you.
Ring-ring-ring   Bong    -    Bong    -    Bong  
Excuse me, can you repeat that?  I'm sorry. I didn't understand what you said. All I hear is mumbling.  Sounds as though the world is a Charlie Brown cartoon.     Seems as if all I say is 
You see the vibrant colors of the falling leaves. Feel the ever increasing breeze slip past your face. The smells of pumpkin pies and caramel apples float in the air.
I can see, but I am blind. I can hear, though I am deaf. I can speak, yet I am mute. I find myself wandering, like a spirit, Walking the same path over. I cannot tell if a dream has taken me
If you were a mute, I’d still fall in love with all of the words You never were able to say. If you were blind, I’d describe every detail life could provide for me Better than if you could see at all.
To those who speak with their hands, Listen with their eyes, And know with their hearts.   Their language and customs so foreign in our society, Yet in passing, They can blend in with the ordinary,
Being born in a black box The room’s dark and cold There’s a world outside You know of a better world But it’s beyond your reach You can see it, everyone else One day, there’s a door
Shes blind She walks around thinking they are really her friends Thinking that he truly loves her She is deaf Hearing only what she wants The rumors are nothing but a lie
I was afraid you'd run away. My first words, were the truth. I couldn't hear you, but you could hear me. I couldn't help but sign, and I was afraid you'd be frightened. This is me. I see you. I feel you.
Deafness is daring But I do it every day Why? Life is daring It's daring at school It's daring out in the world But it makes me strong Can you say the same?
I can’t really tell you much about my heritage. For I do not know anything about it. I can’t say that my ancestors were slaves. For then I would be telling a lie.
Blind, Can you see me? Deaf, Can you hear me? Mute, Can you tell me? Heart, Can you love me? Death, Can you hurt me?
Unbroken silence Quiet is all around me My eyes search for sound Seeing is hearing Even what is not spoken Eyes hear everything Life with no hearing Silence is normal for me My life is not loud
Listening to the sound of the "Hand" I gaze in amazment How can one gesture be a word? I gaze in amzement
The world seems to close in I take a breath and try to break the silence I hear the gentle thud, thud, thud of my heart I concentrate, trying so hard thud, thud, thud, My world had become Deafly quiet.
Can you hear me now? We want our president We want to be heard we want to be noticed! No longer, pushed aside and kept in the dark. Can you hear me now? We want our president We want to be heard
Silence, silence, that's all I hear There, here, or anywhere Silence is the world around you closing Silence is nature choosing peace Silence is a sign of thinking
Silence, silence, that's all I hear There, here, or anywhere Silence is the world around you closing Silence is nature choosing peace Silence is a sign of thinking
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