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Most responsible. Maneuvering through each day. Maybe locked away, or roaming around free. More extroverted, charismatic, determined, & even kind some might say. May you be her friend & not her enemy.
It's my first attemt at an acrostic poem-    And the body is made to die, a Very fine specimen, crafted with precision Arranged into an organism, a
Is th' world so truly full o' toils? No'ne needs t' search afar t' see th' Struggles of th' heart. 'f these despairing People, I wan' to be their a-glowing
Chasing live vessels filled with blood Hissing rabidly into the night Under the moon, hunting heedlessly
Since the widespread industrialization In every town and home Someone is chained to their life
G - rowing up can be tough when you're the  R - arest kid in your town.  O - rdinary people make fun of you W - hen they dont understand what you are.  T - hat's their problem not yours and it may be hard to 
INTO THE DARK   Night especially when it's dark is what i fear. Other people may think that i am wared.   Light at night helps me when i go into the dark.
Mother Dearest,   You Are My Teacher. Of All The Callous Lessons You Have Taught Me, Unmistakably, You Have Taught Me – to read – And ­   How To Love. Love Should Be
They were only friends, that's what they would profess. Experiences together changed for the better, considering an attempt that had the strength of a feather. There was a spark between them that was like magic,
Screwtape, You may try to cloud my thinking Eradicate my being Snap my persona with guilt However you should know Until Eternity ends Adoni, my Master and Savior will keep me in His hand  
Because  your voice is like a river’s stream Each time you speak, your words are made for me. Content is how I feel because they seem
Be you sick or sad or just mad at me Every time, I’ll stay and you’ll ask at me “Could you tell me why you don’t go away?” And I give the same answer every day
Waiting for the right moment Our eyes set on a new prize Now a boy in green has been chosen
Lover since the seventh grade Offed himself on Rio Lane Said he loves everything about me Scribbled on the suicide note messily   Gross unsatisfaction from this whole ordeal
Stumble, trip and fall I will arise once more No weight may break me No obstacle may bar me I will overcome it all No demon shall sway me
Even Monsters Bleed Red And Crave Eternal Silence
Life choices have left me struggling and alone, Always searching for a place to call home. Resentful of others who have what I don't. Under depression's spell, I was more like a drone,
All Bad things Cease eventually, but Did they ever say Everything would feel as if Falling were the ultimate answer, and
Opening his mouth to receive the tender of her Legs, he knows not to taste the Inside yet. War is a calculated process. Victory takes many a stroke to be won. Intense is his brave
a pair of tired eyes, resting over a pair of  lips forever longing for a kiss even an unpolluted night sky could not outshine her brilliance x'd out eyes gaze upon this beauty, eyes of none other than
Many times I'm beaten down and hopeless You would know, you've lived through this life, too.   Good friends are Only human beings, but Do you know who I can always trust?
All I had was found in you Callow was my feeble heart, one unable to look past the light bombarding your soul. Quell this pain my nerves are circulating through my body.
Continuously evolving into a new being. On the contrary, my shell seems to remain unchanged. Monotone drones of the voices urging me to want more.
Bumble melts off of the lips like the honey we steal. Origins are unimportant when we have the hum of corporate in our ears. Mounds of guilt collect like wax combs. But we care not, as long as we get what we want.
Heavy, the feeling that burrows itself in the pit of my stomach. It’s an ache that desires a concept I’m not sure I’ve ever grasped. Right now, there is a house, containing a room with my few possessions.
Maybe the sound I hear isn’t the melodic tone I perceive it to be. Even angels couldn’t open their lips to evaluate its harmonious wonder.
I stroll through a grove of ancient oaks, Hovering down a path immersed in shade. A clearing now, the blinding p e r f o r a t i o n s of light strike.
A new day with, new challenges, daily affirmations, halfway keep us on track, insisting that we stop, so we do, now feeling deep dismay, alternating between anger and despair,
Forever shall we be together. Until the last breaths are drawn. Complete in one another. Kindred are our spirits. Yearning hearts pulled together. Out of our control. Undying is our love.
Loving One who Never Even Looks at You
Laughter Independence Friendships Expression Imagination Smiling Adventure Wondering Endurance Sincerity Optimism
Ignore gravityMelodramatic wailingAnother boo-booGrandparent concernedInjury tender to touchNeeds candy to heal
In the still of the night I cannot see,   Low as the moon appears to be sinking Over the tall pine trees and the mountains clear. Vacantly my poor mind avoids thinking,
I am in need of something better.
Remembering the past and what I used to be is a part of my present
Maybe others won't understand what they deem eccentric Old fashioned, they'll call you Really, they'll say, aren't you hot under all those layers?
Gorgeous Utterly confusing Youthful Strong
Beauty is in the Eyes of Society Growing up, I was never skinny; my skin was dark and all I wanted was to be pretty. I was 10; looking at magazines, seeing all of the skinny girls
I'm perfectly and wonderfully made  
Magnificant form of Art, not to be Knocked on. Exciting beauty in Unthinkable hues. Paramount in my interestes.
It's difficult to confide in others.Maybe they will hear me out!If I don't walk, talk like myself, if itGets out of hand, I'll leave!Hail a taxi and just get back home,To never find out the truth...
Promise me: Remember me when I’m dust once more Often visit us prisoners of nursing homes Meet me halfway again I can make it through another night Secrets kept in the face of fear Eternal kindness
L ivingO verV ividE lses
Grandma, knowing Ur never going to be Around anymore makes it
Come in here and you will see Here, I can be me
Suppose that we could put a stop To violence all around the world. Observe the pain of others, and Prove what could be ended here.   Veiled threats and hidden bruises,
Anyone who doesn't care Someday you will have problems too Stop pretending that you're so perfect Hope that none of this happens to you Once you have problems of your own
Love is love, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and all, Be yourself, and do what you believe. Take every day with stride, Don’t worry about what others may think. It’s your life, live it with pride!
Excellent Monster Boy Assesses Random Radioactive Asphalt. Serious Salmonella Eerily  Declassified. To this acrostic, do not pay any mind,
Change Such a powerful word, Is it good... or bad Both? Change has the power to fix Or ruin Everything. But change is only a word without action Action Action
Helping Other People Everyday
So many times I counted on you
Everyone in high school wants that cute boy  To hold your books
It was frigid on that dark winters night. The blank stare of homework was in my eyes. As my brothers came in, she called us all together. Not noticing the mood I waltzed without a care. It was when I sat down that I became aware.
Ardent wings undulate at length, Reverberating echoes through Tomorrow. Beware the sound of Halted silence. Beats build up strength,
Sword in hand, the knight storms into the fortress. Swinging his blade, he strikes fear into his foes, Slaughtering them, savoring each of those blows. Spearmen pawn their poor lives for his sinful bliss,
      I feel I truly loved him, even if we came from different worlds. Claiming I was not in love would be nothing but a lie, I spent my days hoping for a glimpse of him.
Somewhere, I disappear to. A place in which I become Weightless, like a butterfly. I shouldn’t be able to breathe, but My new-found gills slowly begin to make themselves useful and
Beneath the stars, above the moonUnder the roaring, bursting sunTrailing like comets through the skyTreating their audience to rainbows of lightExclaiming the purpose of imagination
 A question I quite often contemplate: Could I create a perfect poem form? Regardless, I have too much on my plate Old-timey styles are the established norm.   So what if I cannot carve my own niche?
Jostling presumption. Underestimation of humans caused by systematic corruption. Thinning thoughts, thinning minds— indebted to continuous lies.
Am I guilty of falling down? Because I feel the same. Can this be different than before? Difference is only an Idea. Everyone could feel this way. Feeling only what I’ve been constructed to feel.
Kites soar across an empty sky, A spattering of clouds nothing more than cotton specks. Tree tops seem so out of reach, like old age to Youth, still playing on the ground.
Consideration Integrity Values Independence Lively-hood Respect Innocence Generosity Hope Triumph Success
What would make the best symbol for the experience of life itself?
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