Holding, Running

Sat, 01/18/2014 - 18:30 -- Kail22


Everyone in high school wants that cute boy 

To hold your books

To hold your hand

To hold you close when you feel like you're falling apart

So why do some of us never get that boy


We hold onto these things that give us that same feeling


You can say the action of holding and running are opposites

However running for me has always held me back from destruction

Running makes me feel free

It's my escape

It's my boy


I held onto running 


I ran far when I was upset about a boy

I ran farther when I was upset about school 

And I ran farthest when I was upset about my family


Running held onto me

Running held me when I embarrassed myself at a party, freshman year

I made it into the top 20 in districts that year

Running held me when a boy broke my heart, sophomore year

I did incredible in the mountain valley conference that year

Running held me when my parents got divorced,  junior year 

I did dual sport with cross country and soccer that year

Running held me when I figured out who my real friends were, senior year

I achieved great success my winter track season that year


Running held me when I cried 

It held me when I was happy

I love running and it loves me 

It will never walk out on me like my father did

It will never wake up one morning and say it doesn't love me anymore

It will never keep me up all night throwing up by the toilet

Running takes care of me and it loves me



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