Amorous Acrostic

I stroll through a grove of ancient oaks,
Hovering down a path immersed in shade.
A clearing now, the blinding p e r f o r a t i o n s of light strike.
Verdant flora vivaciously vaunts itself when my vision restores,
Except my eyes gaze at a figure blazoned in the center:

Fulgent aura, darling smile, clever yet compassionate,
Ethereal pose adorned by a face silken and exquisite.

Evaporating, the surrounding nature
Licenses the transcendence of our souls.
In the nexus of locked eyes, a dreamscape
Nixes the remains of reality.
Greetings...shatter a thousand years’ silence

“Sought-after woman, your essence fosters fear’s evanescence,
For each moment in your presence evinces love’s quintessence”

Outstretched hand beckons for propinquity,
Rosewoods sway in approval of the spell
Your eyes cast. My heart is a roaring lion.
Of the tenebrous world, you set me free!
Unsinew not the kiss you steal from me.

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