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"I can wait" I said, meaning it genuinelyunbeknownst to  what it would be costing methey say love takes time, and that patience is a virtuewith how long its taken us, how much of this is true? Did I smother you?
The world is dark  Not a single spark Here I sit on a bench in the park The Earth seems so boring and stark And I wonder what the world is like up there   Among the stars Playing on Mars
I can't hold on to sorrow things can follow you and can can bring you dout to the things you think about stay on task that way i can grass poeple action It's my fashion
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Oh, love. It's a fickle thing.  I often wonder if it's more than a diamond ring. I wonder if it's more than evading loneliness. I wonder if it's more than craving affection.
I look for you in every person I meet.I look for your hands, your wrists, your eyes..I search for your smile as if I'm searching for peace.
I hear people asking what the secret of happiness is   and I can't help but try to answer the question.   They say happiness is fortune... Isn't the love of money the root of all kinds of evil?  
What will you do Who will you be Yesterday is gone Tomorrow seems like an eternity But so How do I make my choice Which way do I go The easy way out Rather than to stay and suffer
My Lord My savior My breath the marrow of my bones the thing i can't live without He's worth more than gold, persuasive words, & status My comforter in midst of unbearable pain, broken promises and shame
Hatred and distrust run deep when we don't say the right things. Even deeper when we don't mean the right things.   It's hard to say everything you need to when you can see that your loved ones despise you.
Why do I hang on the past when I know I should look forward? Why do I care so darn much when there is nothing to be offered? Why do people believe in fate when in truth, no such thing is real?
One time love You're not When I see you I know you're the best   When we hold hands We share so much Our love is timeless Our loving time   I want to be with you
My life became  a
I was wondering... 1.      Do I really only have two followers who are interested in talking to me? 2.      Do I not post enough? 3.      Do I seem like a nuisance? 4.      Am I one?
I'm tripping.    Below the sheath of crepescule, the caving walls of darkness fell; 3 dmensional pen in cube; the shaded face of pale 4 walls.    The Summit Queen, the watcher-girl,
You always say “fake it ‘till you make it” i wish i didn’t have to fake it i work every day to please others
I Am Not Who I Am. By: Reid Davis The day is full of masked faces and fake smiles Being decepted for miles and miles But when the light dissapears And we're safe in our beds
I see a stranger standing there And wonder of her cares. Where is she from And why did she come? What are her fears  What causes her tears? I wonder why she is alone
Droplets of water, In we go to depths unknown; Impact magnified.
I'm a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl that hoped one day that maybe she could be loved. You told me I was beautiful. You taught me to talk. You told me I was your princess,
When I’m lonely in a world of my own, I often think of you. I imagine the way you hair never fell into the right place and how that was my absolute favorite thing about you.
Eternally silent you stare past the clouds, Eternally questioning I stare past them too, Only difference is, You can see me, But I can’t see you.
Rain drops on the pond, Their tiny little ripples that stir the water in curious patterns. Oh, how I love to watch the rain. Maybe our lives are like those itty bitty rain drops,
I know it's hard to hear the constant advances of suitors, to hear their cat calls day in and out. I know it is At least I'm sure it is. But that doesn't stop me from wondering what it is like to be noticed
You can’t put me down Can’t tell me what to do I’m so tired of having to Answer to you   Do you even know if What you’re saying is right I think that your line of sight
My dream job is managing a restaurant I love all the different types of smells that come out of a kitchen
Why would i ever wish to change the world? Many would wish to cure disease and safe their loved ones. Who would blame them? However this world would grow to 
  To whit the most passionate excesses wave from the body
I wonder what the day will be like, I wonder who my eyes will see, The man who could've taught me to ride my bike, Who could've been there for me. I think about you daily,
It's shaking at the bars of this cage, Causing tremors in my sanity, Making me lose grip on reality, Oh, how I wish I knew just what was causing this infernal rage rising inside,
With time none a knowledge, The other side blotches red. Of what a dictatorship I observe Grows a seed of harsh rule. I watch tree branches die withered bark As you’re attacked upon which I only hear.
You just wanna fall on your knees and ask for forgiveness Even though you know they aren't gonna give it to us So you think back to the first attack and you wonder: 'Was I right or was I wrong?'
Grasping at wondering, Just existing, That doesn't peel me from the black and grey of everyday, Doesn't make me see life in any color, But with you it has meaning. All the colors are so vivid and lovely.
Can't believe this is my final yearI'm going to get home sick so where's the cureI'm at a stop like lights with a deerI'm on a long road and it's only just begun
Do the dying know that they are the dying? I mean those who aren’t terminally ill with ‘best before’ dates stamped on their bodies. Those who can’t schedule their own funerals,
Hinging everything so delicately One wrong move, everything will fall and fail. It is the price to pay to deal with me. I will keep you close from all that will ail   Only a small price to pay, no big deal
I would like to know, How you could handle in my shoes. Their soles are worn down to my own heel, And the sides have been torn apart. Some what like silence shatters in a whisper.
On the trip of life there was a wondering soul, Looking for her purpose was her goal. Long brown hair and curious eyes, She’s very independent, on not many she relies. Trying to see the good in everyone around,
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