With time none a knowledge,

The other side blotches red.

Of what a dictatorship I observe

Grows a seed of harsh rule.

I watch tree branches die withered bark

As you’re attacked upon which I only hear.

Resenting my inability to protect you clenches my fists;

Tears stricken by a demon’s work trickle down my sullen face.

When today was sunny, it transformed to an unforeseen mist.


Imagining the whips you endure,

My heart becomes a depressed sore.

To see you brutally hurt is none I can take.

Demons are the filth that keep you away-

Away from me, away from real life.

Come back to me, lover.


A buried mound accompanies the evil shovel,

Positivity concealed from shining through.

All is negative in a family’s cascading words,

No agreement to behold even one day.

My persuasion, my thoughts, my defense…worthless;

Your sense, your stand, your beliefs…worthless again.

Under the over burned ashes lies defeat,

So what is there to do now but retreat?


I play these “what-if” games

As if they are one of my aims.

I administer how I will save you,

Yet I will never witness your being abused on cue.

How can the evidence be true

If I didn’t see a visual?

This modern-day world is unbelievable:

So that is one truth?


Both our minds center on success

But why such a farfetched reach?

What I know you endure blisters my heart.

I cannot grasp this reason of how they make you live.

A torch is just that without its flame,

And they are a torch I best not fathom.

It’s a problem that instigates my desire to scream;

For why am I to restrain it?


Silenced is my mouth,

Yet my brain always rages.

What has become my identity

Bidden to revert opposite

As undermining rage boils unpredictably.

Can defeat come now?

Or may a chance still be in grasp?


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