Who Is He?


I wonder what the day will be like,
I wonder who my eyes will see,
The man who could've taught me to ride my bike,
Who could've been there for me.
I think about you daily,
Imagining your face,
I ask myself, "who is he?"
Am I only but a small trace?
I wish you could see me,
The young woman I've become,
How proud of me you'd be,
Just to see where I've gotten my strength from.
Though tears have been shed,
And feelings have been felt,
My love for you has spread,
Even though our smiles have not been dealt.
I ponder on when we will meet,
And smile on the thought of your embrace,
Maybe then I will feel complete,
And not just out of place.
I'd give anything to meet you,
Anytime of the year,
I'd love to just have a clue,
And not shed another tear.
-This poem was inspired by the fact that I don't know who my birth father is. I've grown up without a father figure and confused on who I am. This poem is a summed up version of things that had gone through my head through the years.


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