Who Will Be Left Wondering


United States
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I would like to know,
How you could handle in my shoes.
Their soles are worn down to my own heel,
And the sides have been torn apart.
Some what like silence shatters in a whisper.
Looking from my red stained eyes,
I’m just curious,
Do you ever notice me?
Do you ever look outside of that grimacing red,
And just see me?
Standing there under your breath that I wear like a veil
Covering my daily thoughts and actions
Endlessly entangled with the soft whisks of hair
It’s almost like looking through a fog filled with faces.
With words and expressions that go unheard but between us.

One day I’ll lift that veil.
And you’ll be the one crying,
Wondering where I am.
And why I left.



the true definition of how a voice could change a daughter's mind without being abused through their deeply hollows of life.

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