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                                          Femme, tu étais si belle. Tu étais si jolie Tu étais si polie, si jeune et pleine de vie Tu étais si magnifique. Tu étais si gentille
Do you see the strange man Hiding behind that post? He jumps at the slow breeze Trembles like a scared ghost   Do you ever hear him Make any sound at all? He won't open his mouth
Your touch is tattooed  On every curve Your smile Foggy amongst the autumn sun I dream of your eyes Sad and wandering
Well a lifetime slipped right on by Underneath my wing In the space between youth and it's timeless lies A lifetime found its way ahead of me One more time I thought i'd outrun it
No one scares me like the shadow like the shadow in the mirror The shadow knows my darkest thoughts The shadow tells me things I dont want to hear as I beg it to stop
All we are is just shadows Without bodies, immaterialized. What will matter then sifting through dark No flesh left to torture no substance left to taint This life haunts me
Walking up a concrete hill on the way home from school.  The sun beams against my back.  Creating a shadow darker than my caramel skin. 
Into the dark woods Lives a shadowy figure Waiting to pounce at
I don't know why I struggle to write about the good things Why does intensity only live in the darkness - the pain and depression? Why is the grey of night so much more powerful than the color of day?
i'm afraid.   it's a feeling i can't escape from — nothing i can turn a blind eye to, skip over, forget.  
Shadow... Now she's the girl he told everyone about, bragging, changing, manipulating the reality of what really happened. She got stripped of her clothes, stripped of her trust, stripped of her youth. 
ME:  I'm alone and I feel like I should feel worse but no matter how hard I cry I don't feel pain I'm alone but I feel more alive I can sit and I can breathe and I can watch
Unfamiliar   A child, scared at their own shadow, Pondering its own unfamiliarity, Slightly,
i   lonesome and awake watching the lighthouse swing beams scanning cowards through bedroom windows   foreboding dawn of a red planet universe of hopeless
Just because I am a darker skin color I am not ghetto I am not out of what's "acceptable" I am not white washed I am more intelligent than you think Just because I am nonexistent in your household
Dear Death, I know a place where ashes fall like snow And fear is a shadow, It follows me around as a lover, Holding me closer until I can no longer breathe
I wish not to be forgotten Or my seemingly numb heart Because of the things I’ve said But did not meant And my dry voice
In the depths of the reflected light You can catch a glimpse, a girls' shadow It's a sight you can't overlook With her eyes so hollow and haunted Concealing within a ghastly narrative  
Silent shadows of the night Drawing near in the light Hiding in corners of the wall Stalking you down a narrow hall Voiced through whispers on the breeze Beware of that which you can see
A spectre, Of shadows — This world #sixwords #life_6
Whispers and shadows were all around As someone knocking the door But no one was there Illusion No, not at all Than what it was It was love That never came to me The shadows chased me
If I had a voice to sing With every breath my voice would ring Out into every starry night, And at the dawn When my words have gone I will with them take flight.   It is from their heart
You follow me everywhereFrom sunrise to sunsetSometimes tallSometimes shortYou watch my backOr sometimes take the leadYou may not always be visibleBut I know your here with me
There's a shadow following me one nobody else seems to see  am I crazy it all seems so hazy  it looks like someone I used to know  like someone from a freak show  it won't go away
I know how to smile I know how to lie I know how to hide I know how to act I know to fake pride   But there are too many things I keep hidden Another side you won't see
I am still just a shadow.I am still just star dust.I am still part of a Universe I never quite knewbut I'm homesick for. I bleed only to pull the stars out by their edges.
Three minutes born after her, Three thousand more years from being in the light, For I am her shadow, Like all shadows, I only know how to copy, Like all, I only know how to follow.  
Tangled in words unspoken, Cut by dreams that are broken, With open eyes I stare in wonder  At this world so sundered. I'm afraid to speak, Terrified to dream, For my fragile heart is easy to shatter.
I am tired. Tired of holding my tongue at the thoughts my mind shouts. What do I want to do? Who do I want to be? How will I make money? I do not know. And I am tired.
The shadow of love isn't just found in dark spaces. It's found in a sea of familiar faces who stretch out their arms for a quick slap of the hand
Only a portion of me is a neon pink. Outgoing and wild, crazy and free, doing what I want, when I please. On a good day I'm a bold red. Bouncing off the walls,
I have a hypothesis,
Somewhere on the highest mountain
A mirror has the ability to make a duplicate of one's self. It isn't a true copy but a near shadow of who one really is. For a mirror can only show so much, and often it leaves out the core of who one is.
Garden of roses Garden of love Simple garden of kisses To make my wishes   Dreams in the garden Twilight in the night Moonlight glows In the night   The garden of happiness
Old Soul Who I am exactly is perplexing to say,
The infamous dark.It seems like it will never end.You take a journey: from the moment you embark,'til the moment it ends,It's still there.No matter where you go,Its presence will undoubtfully show.
Bombs everywhere, missiles left and right, clenching my gun in my hand so tight. Side versus side, so scared but I will never show it, America the Brave, proud and heroic.
I came from a woman who never felt love A woman who couldn’t seem to find the man above A woman who replaced love with lust To those filthy niggas, she entrust But OH HOW for granted they took her guts
Midnight in the city, many people still wandering about. I happen to be one of those people, I began to doubt. Upon realization that the crowd around me was missing something,
Darkness inbetween light Invisible in the night Dancing in the sun Moving when I run Trapped to the likes of me Never to be free A darkened reflection  Following in any direction
Let us arise swiftly Let our movements be done Abruptly  Like the wind  So that they may never catch us Us, We who lay in the shadows  Hiding in the darkness for we know no fear
You are the monster under my bed.
I look to you,Then to myself,Then to my life, Past wretched falure upon failure,Bewitched by hollow hopes. My love never was,It never should have been
A shadow appeared The fatal apparition In my dream A corrupted echo   Her hands were steady Calm and ready For night’s return  
Just a shadow in the hall. Everyone  sees the shadow when they need help,  But she disappears after. Just a resource, not a friend. The shadow has spunk and humor within her broken puzzle,
Golden days are full of bloom But inside petals is dark of gloom. Beneath waxy leaves are hidden shadow
There I walking solitude Alone, inconspicuous and free Of shadow where I walk passed everyday   I'm very confined in my own mind Wandering upon reality
One and only friend sometimes by my side.  
Why does my shadow mock me? Everything I do, it does the same, Very ghostly and crafty, I have to do something to throw it off aim.
What don't you get Why can't you see That there's nothing in this for me No matter how hard you shove me away No matter how much you plead and beg  I'm never going away
My thoughtsGo crazy. They wander,They go in circlesMaybe that's the reason for the blackCircles underneathMy eyes.My eyesStare out the window as my thoughtsUnderneathThy skin wanders.
  As I lie here, Contemplating my life, Thinking about the pain, Sorrow, all those I have hurt, And most importantly the suffering; The shadowed den I live in,
The black girl. Built strong, legs long unlike her hair. Hair thick like her hips. Full lips. Left on this earth for a purpose but constantly forced by society to find it alone.
  The absolute design that defines me, and yet in the mist of the night no one hears my screams.
Dear friends, dear friends,
There I was, yet there I wasn'tFor they neither saw me or knew where I hidThe shadow's hostage; the dustmite's captiveI feared "I'm forgotten" despite what I didAlas, they still call me
The incident happened, but nothing remains The silent night riddles with mystery Leaves blowing following unknown paths only to later settle in the wet murky puddle left behind by the rain  
Life is a shadowShifting, shaping, twistingInto braided ropesThat wrap around the throat andTugBending over window ledgesCurling into gnarled talons that Grasp at your heart to
  `  Sh adow. Follow me every step of the way, from young to old, night and day. Watch me make mistakes and over come struggle, knowing there are so many things that I must juggle. Leave me at the end of the day,
While I'm sleeping, my shadow dances. She creeps out from under me, cautiously at first, careful not to wake me.
  Overwhelmed by power great He bowed beneath pressure and his will was bent At last his spirit broke Then in darkness he did dwell Among the creatures of the night
Neverland by Ima Ríos   Black as sin, hot as hell and bitter as love.   If my shadow were a cup of coffee it would be the perfect cup.   My shadow lies
Shadow cannot escape her boundaries. She is smothered by the thin veil of darkness, her eyes forever clouded with the unkown. She is unseen among others, translucent.
Fallen to a safe, vulnerable country with no hope of escape loneliness is my security and fear has control of my fate the fate that has left me long ago to succumb
Life under a shadow So dark and so cold. Life behind the scenes Can get boring and old. We all want to be in the spotlight  Not the one pulling the curtain. We want people to see our talents
Shiver silver light Silken, lonely, in the rural night, Breathing strange souls into shadows, Slips over my skin. Revealing just enough to intrigue. Wrapping reality with a dream
Walk slow swinging shadow Look on silent friend I'll banish you to the darkest corner of my mind Then force you out again   The company of your sihloette  The gangly movements I shant forget
"Is she always like this?" I'm asked time and time again The crowd always follows Even when they know nothing They're curious about her As only the physical is obvious to them
when did my shadow slip under my fingernails slither through my pores slide into my bloodstream?
I am always with you In your head, In your soul You are so full of light But I am nothing but darkness
Breathing, Thinking, Alive. I am alone once the sun falls and the moon takes its place
Breathing, Thinking, Alive. I am alone once the sun falls and the moon takes its place
In the night, I hear voices. In the dark, I see gleaming eyes. You eat away at human souls, Full of jealousy and greed. Your kind cackle in the night, Gnawing on me. I look around,
Nobody's seen a shadow like I, a shadow that glows only at night. From the nightly depths and shallows of the gallows this shadow does rise Not in light of the fellow, bright yellow up high in the skies
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