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Wake up every morning The same routine But something seems different to me So what do I see? A girl with no motivation A girl who needs vacation A girl who deep inside cries
I own these things;these things I bore,yet left me for deadI own these things.No ones name but mine engraved.No one to blame, but me to blame.Everlasting, unforgiven, unchanging.
 You see, the way I stand I present myself well 
Is it dark or is it light? Has it caused so many fights? Can its influence still grow? Of course, with this new smartphone.   We cannot see nor feel it, it governs us just a bit.
Captivated, I could not make a sound. Entranced, I watched as my soul calmly burned; Like snow, the ashes drifted to the ground.    The smoky veil blurred my world, spun it 'round.
Malaika Weliyo Villanelle Some Days   Some days I just want to scream I just want to runaway
I wonder when I wont see her as my love When will I stop needing her like a drug Will I ever stop wanting a hug Its like a parasite in me, a bug I’m glad we aren’t together but I wish we weren’t apart
I roll out of my warm cocoon to peer out the window. Sunlight reflects off the dazzling diamonds blanketing the earth. The snow beckons me like a warm, loving friend while Homework gives me an icy, reproachful look.
Your 15 so fragile in this hard world, But your coming out of it an easy girl, You throw on your Jordan's and you rock your belly shirt, And You around the block bragging about how your such a big flirt,
As the years go by so fast, The days are what drag. Memories live in the past, As college approaches with a hefty price tag. Friends begin to part,  After eighteen long years.
Love in the form of family and friends cover me in a blanket of comfort and security Away from the cruel and dark world Love motivates me to be my best and nothing more Love gives me a purpose in this world
 I am a woman, There is nothing to be ashamed of. I bleed once a month, sometimes twice I have breast, hips, thighs and booty. I am a woman, There is nothing to fear. I am the accused lesser sex
"A Line in the Sand"  
Why, everyday is its own journey! They are the very steps you walk to your destination.
As a child,
The world has a way of changing people,
Coming home makes my bones happy. My soul leaps with excitement;  I can't contain myself.   Home is a place I can be free, I can keep my bedhead all day, And no one says a thing.
When I look in the mirror,
How much could your liberty cost? Physical liberty. That is the one I am referring to. The one by people in some countries die.
How? The grass expired. Birds didn't move. They refused to change their tune to a different mood. Time?  My fault. No. Necessary movements due to necessary turns. Dare I not move?  Pass away
Cash makes the world turnThis scholarship is crucial Life is much brutal  
Frida Kahlo whispers to me in my sleep, says, and I quote“You must stay gone,Train your heart like a dog.”So I do. But the cliché about old dogs and new tricksis true though.
You say you miss meYet you never even callYou say that you’re worriedBut we hardly speak at all
I breathe in air so carefully created, I think of life so weary and jaded. But my hope will rest in the One above,
Back when I was five, I remember you walking me to class on my first day of kindergarten You on my left, my mom on my right I turned to see both of you, eyes filled with that look only proud parents can have
Clandestine laughing, pointing, whispering is what she sees. Crushed, lament, sorrow, hurt, sadness is what she feels.
Our choices determine the routes we take, but our destiny is never truly up to us.
A part of my puzzle the final piece the piece that makes my puzzle complete Continously scattered by blood
A Tiger Cub came to my door, when you and I first met
Blankets of thick starry felt, beginning the ritual, 
The things one can see When sitting at rock bottom It’s truly quite amazing What you’ve never dreamed of. The view from down there Is simply just sublime All you have to do
The leaves began to darken, Turning red, orange, and brown,  Before falling from the shivering tree, Leaving the branches bare and cold. The leaves gather in a cluster, Trying to stay warm,
You professed you were right, and I knew no better Believed what you said, said what you might,  I've decided to finally unfetter Myself from the chains, to the rocks you called "safe"
Inside a little negro shell,Confined by mighty crooked chain,Was suffrages and principle—The color coal—enduring pain.This tiny black integumentWithheld the strongest ever heart.
She is the scariest thing in this world.
Daddy’s Little Girl   Daddy’s little girl stares with eyes so bright. So much admiration in just one glance, She twirls and sings, the world is full of joy. The years go by and things start to change.
Hockey. Fast-paced,exciting. Skating,Shooting,Scoring Ice, Cold,Grass,Warm Boring,Clubbing,Tee-ing Long,Slow Golf.
Won't you look up t'the face and see it hang?
As a black man when you look at me what do you see Do you see the over-popularized image portrayed on TV 
I can feel the stares. Not shy glances Not admiration As if looking at a piece of art.   These are stares. Obsessive stalking Predator and Prey Ready to pounce  
Everyday as I turn
I am currently in college studying psychology, with a focus on animal behavior. My goal is to graduate and work with a marine mammal rehibilitation program. Ever since I was younger, I have adored whales and dolphins.
  The sun knows not of her effervescent beauty. Yet it is real, and it is true. She knows not of her light or her warmth. Seeing only the shadows she creates,
“Come here my puppy.”   You stretch your arms wide open
The author of the universe wrote the script. He took a boy and a girl, and made them soulmates. They met, but never fell in love. He took an aspiring youth, and created him to be a quarterback.
Goodbye my friend it seems like only yesterday when we met and I remember those nights we spent connecting all the dots in the sky and how there were just too many
  Noisy Silence  
They say high school is the best time of your life.  I can agree with that. Throughout the heartbreak, memories, laughter, tears, These have been the best  four years. 
I'm sad. I'm angry. I'm lost. I'm scared. I'm happy and daring and waiting, prepared. I want to, I have to, I need to share
All I hear is YOLO, You Only Live Once It seems to be a popular thing I just can't seem to wrap my head around this saying People party, get drunk, and then they all off balance
See pine boxes wrapped in flags What would dull the light Of pure white crosses standing proud O’er the warriors hearts this night   Watch the sun that ever breaks Upon a darkness morn
Your skin is smooth with the exception of the sutble that seems to be constantly growing on your face. I find a nook in your neck where I rest my hand to cradle your face. Your smile, my God, your smile.
The farm was so far away.
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